In the third post from the series of breaking the stereotypes: South India edition, we curated after reading thousands of responses by people. We asked people from South India “what stereotypes are you tired of hearing?” and here is what we have got 



  • First of all, what is this “you don’t look like a South Indian”

Yaaar please bta do kaafi help hogi, am I supposed to look like an idli? break into lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance after every 10 mins? or wrap myself in a banana leaf and dance around a fire? or wear a shirt that has “MADRASI” written on it in big bold letters? oh I’m sorry is it because I forgot to bathe in coconut oil today??? nahi please do tell, what am I missing that doesn’t align with your image of South Indians that’s been fed by popular media over the years? Dhamaal movie ki tarah apna pura naam btau ek ghanta tak? ya nakka mukka nakka mukka pe dance karu? help.


  • It might be thoda sa hard to believe but, we don’t exactly have Sambar running though your veins.

And we most certainly don’t have Dosa and Idli for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack daily. And no, when we’re thirsty we drink water and not sambar like a normal functioning human. And we also have plates and spoons in our house. Uff. wtf. Agar aap iss chhote se stereotypical perspective se aage badenge, you’ll know South India has different states with very different cuisines, and all of them are hella fkn tasty.



  • Speaking of states, South India is not actually one huge state called MADRAS.

It’s the area encompassing the states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana, as well as the union territories of Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep and Puducherry. And no, saree South Indian states “ek jaisi hi toh” nahi hoti hai, Laxman. AND pls. Sri Lanka is definitely more than a paddle-boat ride away


  • And “Unnu kunnu” and “Mardrasi” are not the official languages of South India.

Rule of thumb: Different states, different languages. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam are not the same, bro. As said in Chak De India, Tamil and Telugu mei utna hi difference hai, jitna ek Punjabi aur ek Bihari main hota hai. So pls aise jokes maarke apni ignorance na dikhaye. And for anybody who needs to hear this today, IT’S ACTUALLY PRONOUNCED AS SAMBAAARRR NOT SAMBURRRR. Pls bhai dil se bura lagta hai bhai.



  • South Indian hoke itni acchi Hindi bol leti ho? and no accent?? wow”

Sun meri baat, she chose to learn Hindi language. It’s her choice. Doesn’t mean you’ll mock other South Indians for not speaking Hindi or having an accent. 



  • “South Indian have only dark complexion” stereotype bruh, kaunse zamane mei jee rahe ho aap. Do hazar bees chal raha hai.


  • “Arrey I actually know a lot about South Indian culture ok, I’ve watched Chennai Express thrice ok”

Oh my sweet north indian child, if there was a drinking game where I took a shot at every southie stereotype shown in the film, I’d call my ex in about 10 mins. No. Just no.. okay? Just wanna put it out there that not everybody dresses or speaks like Deepika Padukone from Chennai Express. In fact, Chennai Express is not even a close representation of South Indian culture. In fact still, it’s only bollywood that’s been feeding stereotypes since so long!


  • Speaking of which, ffs stop mocking South Indian cinema

After watching the mainstream masala films dubbed in Hindi. We actually have ~REALLY good movies but you have probably never heard of those. We don’t judge based on Salman type films, you don’t 3 judge based on Rajni type films, savvy? Besides, even the most of the popular Bollywood movies are just remakes of South Indian films:))) Issa fact.