Some Indie artists are so beautiful and underrated that you don’t really want others to find them. You want them to be treasured at all costs. Here are some of those songs by Indie artists that can make you fall asleep so easy.



Yeh Pal by Prateek Kuhad:

This song paints the perfect of night – “nasheeli raat hai taare bhi sath hain and Prateek’s voice is bad for our aching soul.


Believe by When Chai Met Toast:

This song will remind you to take a deep breath and not worry about the dreams you have been chasing sab theek ho jayega.


Khud Se by Osho Jain:

Yenaar. This song almost feels like a good friend who is tolling you that you need to forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Also, Khush Toh Haal Na’ If you wanna cry yourself to sleep.


Jahaan Tu Chala by Jasleen Royal:

This lockdown might feel very lonely this song feels like a warm hug telling you that you’re not alone.


Dil Mere by The Local Train:

The soft acoustic strumming is so calming and beautiful hormones in the background will easily make you fall asleep, I promise.


Nothing For Our Own by Hanita Bhambri:

The acoustic version of this song hita differently. Rote rote neend aayegi pata bhi nahi chalega lol.


Wajah by Piyush Bhisekar:

Sun Kaisa lagega you are sitting at a mountain top and staring at a beautiful starry sky -all your pandemic anxiety will melt away.


She Can by Raghav Meattle:

This song is full of innocent charm and almost feel like you’ve transported back to your bachpan.


Riha by Anuv Jain:

Anuv has a very pretty voice and the melody of this song is the lullaby we all needed.


Listen to these Indie artists on a loop and leave us a comment on such artists that you think should be treasured at all costs.