Coke Studio songs have an authentic feel to it, and these songs from singers across the border are even more heart touching, so here’s a list of our favorite songs from across the border that you should absolutely listen to !!

Saari Raat

By Noori

Saari Raat by Noori came out in Coke Studio Season 2 and it’s been 11 years but no song has come close to being an absolute masterpiece that it is!!!!!!!

If you still haven’t listened to it for some reason, please do!


Nindiya Re

By Kaavish

“Nindiya re, nindiya re, aankho mei sama ja re.”

Ye song kahan hai, ye toh lullaby hai. Definitely in our songs to help you fall asleep playlist.


Ae Dil

By Ali Zafar & Sara Haider

Goosebumps in and out. Easily the best song on this list.

The lyrics will hit you right in the feels and the music will have you crying. You listen to it once, you listen to it on loop. All time favorite rendition of Ae Dil. *brb crying*


Baat Unkahi


This beautiful song deserves to be shared as much as possible. This song is a gem with a voice and words to die for.

Kaavish truly deserves our attention and appreciation.


Teri Tasveer

By Bayaan

If you have already heard this song, consider yourself lucky. This song is like a beautiful lost tune redeemed by these musicians. This track hands down beautiful! A piece of art!

This band is too good to be not recognised.


Tum Naraaz Ho

By Sajjad Ali

Check this one out for the violins, the guitar and Sajjad Ali’s dreamy voice. It takes a while to sink in but when it does, it takes more than a while to snap out! “Choro bhi gila, hua jo hua, lehro ki juban ko zara samjho, Samjho kya kehati hai hawa”. Soul stirring!

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Garaj Baras

By Ali Azmat & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Garaj Baras is an energetic track by the sufi rock band, Junoon. Ali azmat with that raw rock solid vocals with legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. This Duo can mesmerise anyone. And that guitar solo is this song is just out of this planet


Mujhay Baar Baar

Abbas Ali Khan

This song is INTENSE, it will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. “Na hai itteda mere ishq ki, na ho inteha meri ishq ki” – That’s Abbas Ali Khan on the vocals for you. If this is not beautiful, then know what is?



Kaavish & Quratulain Balouch

One of the most underrated songs of coke studio Pakistan. It’s insane how beautiful this song is, it will 10/10 warm your heart and give you goosebumps. Beautifully sung and composed.

All these deserve to be on your playlist on any rainy day.