Time to update your playlist with these gems and add these songs to the list of soul soothing and mystical songs in part 2 of – Songs from across the border that you should absolutely listen to!!

Source: youtube.com

Baarishein by Umer Farooq

You’re alone in your room. Lights off. It’s raining outside. This song is playing on loop. You’re thinking about all the people you once connected with but they’re no longer in your life and yet you feel so much love for them and hope they’re okay.

The whistle hits right into your heart. DON’T MISS.


Chan Kithan by Ali Sethi

Yeh gaana nahi hai, masterpiece hai. It will take you somewhere far, far away from the city lights. To a place of comfort and love. It’s a literal hug for your ears.

Thank you Ali Sethi for this gem.


Tor Phor by The Tamaashbeens

“Todd ke! Mujhey re phhod ke! gaye kahan? kahan? kahaaan?”

Yaaaaaaar. It’s one of those songs you randomly dance to at 2 am alone in your room. The music is everything! ON LOOP.


Do Hi Rastay Hai by Mehdi Maloof

Listened to it and instantly fell in love. His voice, the sound of ukulele and the lyrics! thanks YT algo for this. “Bas do hi raste hai, chaahe jitney dikhte hai, asal mei do hi raste hai!”


Dil Ki Baatein by 21 The Band

Lyrics, music, instruments, vocals everything is just perfect. It stirs something inside your stomach, I don’t know how to explain it but it’s the kind of feeling that brings you back to this song again and again. Absolutely love it.


Sajni by Strings

There’s absolutely nothing in this song which you won’t fall in love with-the lyrics, musical arrangement, and vocals. It’s gonna be on your playlist for sometime 🙂

Checkout Strings. All songs are alag level pyaaar.


Ranjish hi sahi by Ali Seth

A popular Urdu ghazal written by Ahmed Faraz, it was originally sung by Iqbal Bano and popularized by Mehdi Hassan. However, it was Ali Sethi’s pleasant rendition that had music lovers fall in love with the track all over again.


Patang by Umer Farooq

Feeling sorry for those who can’t find this song during lockdown. The lyrics are so true and the music is just soulful. Such an elite song.


Raati Aya Si Khayal by Shamoon Ismail

Shamoon doesn’t create music, he creates magic and this song proves it. It gets better and better every time you listen to it. Simply beautiful and magical!

Here’s a playlist for you to listen to on repeat now – Favorite Songs From Across The Border