It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, if it’s the studies or the workload, your feelings of exhaustion and lassitude are valid.

If you think you’re too dumb to work things out for yourself or too broke to come back from it, let me tell you this, things will work out for the better for you and you will not have to live your life under a debt. Just give it some time, take some time to process it, take some time to just let things be.


And if you think you’ve run out of reasons to live here are some to get you started 🙂


  • Live because you haven’t watched all rom-coms till the crack of the dawn you can in one lifetime, but maybe you never will. Even after 4 months of lockdown, your Netflix binge watching game, is still running strong.
  • Live because now that you’ve seen a Prateek Kuhad concert on zoom, you can’t wait to watch him perform right in front of your eyes and let his voice, make you swoon.
a photo from a concert where a man is singing on a mic and playing guitar
  • Live to finally travel again.
  • Live to hug and meet and greet new people, to travel to new places, to not flinch at the sound of a cough or a distant sneeze.
  • Live to finally wake up at 7 in the morning with an alarm clock screaming in your face. While you disgruntled accept your fate.
  • Live because your mom is going to call you at 8, to ask you if you ate. “Offo, beta aj phirse uthe itni late”. Live to see her love for you grow.
  • Live to travel in the local again. Uff, how much you missed smelling the armpits of random men. Live to breathe without a mask making you feel a little uneasy.
  • Live to re-live the feeling of walking into an over priced, air conditioned cinema theatre.
  • Live to give all your life savings to the popcorn guy and chow them down before you even make it into the theatre.
  • Live to own an apartment and paint it like how did they did in Wake Up Sid.
  • Live to realise that living is a bit expensive; cuz your rent is due next week but you also saw a chair at Chumbak that you REALLY NEED.
  • Live cuz you haven’t yet gobbled all the pizzas and fries you can in one image plates with pizza and fries kept on a table
  • Live to hopefully stumble upon a day when your sibling doesn’t eat your share of maggi.
  • Live to give back to your parents all that they gave up for you, and a whole bunch more.
  • Live to buy all the shoes and bags and watches you’ve wishlisted.
  • Live to finally meet your boyfriend, because had you known that they weren’t coming back for another 3 months, you would have held onto them long enough for them to miss their flight, or maybe picked up with them another fight.
  • Live to hug your best friend till you can hear their ribs crack. Live to finally pull a ZNMD with them.
  • Live to learn to play a guitar so that you can hum to yourself and also play the harp. Live to sing and play all at the same time Live to be your own brand leader and singer Live to write a song that does not rhyme.
  • Live to one day pop your own bubble Live to see your girlfriends walk down the aisle
  • Live to find love, even if it takes a little while
  • Live to learn to not settle
  • Live to learn to not always meddle
  • Live to learn to be patient Live to learn to be selfless without a cause To think before you speak, pause Live to learn to be more giving To learn to be a little more rule abiding?
  • Live to be more carefree. Live to live the feeling of contentment with a book and a warm cup of tea.
  • Live to live your fairy tale, because we’ve grown too fond of admiring the stars, we forget to switch on the light on our insides. We look up to influencers and bloggers, so much so we forget that Instagram is not our life. And that the real story barely ever meets the eye.
  • Live because you haven’t yet taken charge and let yourself just go at a rally about climate change.
  • Live because you haven’t screamed your opinions at a bunch of people from a platform, because what you have to say is important and worth listening to.
  • Live because you want to make change and because you know that people are too lazy and ignorant to do it for you.
  • Live because there’s someone with the same dreams as you, live to find them and cross off things from your list and maybe add some new.
  • Live because all the reasons you need to live for are all the reasons no one is you and all the reasons why the world is a whole lot better and brighter with you in it.
  • Live to learn that you can never be enough, you can be only be you, and that is enough.
  • Live to learn to never apologise.


 Live because your story cannot end with you ending your life.