While watching a 2 hour film is sometimes taxing, some people appreciate short tales told in a maximum span of 10 to 20 minutes. Such movies keep their message short and crisp through their plot lines. So here we bring you a few short films that we think are the best on YouTube right now:




This movie has just released a week back and has been the most moving take on women safety till now. This movie talks about so many important things in a space of a few minutes and leaves you with tears rolling down your chin. Must watch.

Negative Space.

This animated stop-motion film leaves you with so many thoughts. It talks about the relationship between a father and a son that sounds so beautifully poetic that you can’t stop but watch it.

The Wolf of Chawl Street

This is a funny take on vandalism. It’s hilarious after a point and you can’t just stop watching it. It’s basically based on a guy from Mumbai who is into wall art and graffiti and how he ends up being a rich man because of a start-up. 


This movie is again pretty funny and to keep you interested this movie stars Jacckie Shroff and Neena Gupta together. It basically talks about how parents forget that they have a life and love to keep alive after they have their kid and put all their efforts to raise them right. This short film shows it perfectly.


This short has been getting good and bad reviews equally but honestly I love it. It has such small details from starting to the end that this leaves you wanting to know more when it ends. It’s eerie and Tisca Chopra acts well to keep the momentum of the film going.


This short as the movie’s name goes, starts and ends in a lift. It shows how a young couple goes through various phases in their life from meeting together to finally separating and things getting awkward between them. You have to watch this lift to understand how nicely done it is.

The Neighbour’s Window

It tells the story of a married couple with kids who look into another couple’s steamy Love story from their window everyday and question their own lives. One day while peeking in they realise something is really wrong with the other couple. This story teaches us so many things and is easily one of my favourite short movies till now.

Little Terrorist

Did you know India’s short films had been nominated at the Oscars only once? And this is that film. It’s so beautifully executed and leaves you with a peaceful happiness in your heart that you would never want to end. 


One of the creepiest short films that could be made. It gave me an eerie feel right from the start; anyway old houses in Kolkata are the great for shooting psychothrillers.


This. Movie. Is. Amazing. Cheers to all those people who asked me to watch this short film in the last post’s comments. This movie just dragged me off my foot. Also, saw some brilliant jump-cut sequence.


This movie is a beautiful take on LGBTQ love. It is portrayed in a beautiful way, as simple as you can put it. It fills you with the same emotions that the characters might be feeling: yearning, fear and confusion. You feel connected.

Interior Café Night

While some love starts and end at cafes, this is the story of a love that ends and starts at a café some decades after. It is a story of losing hope and finding in the most unexpected ways possible. Watch it plis.


I cannot emphasize enough on how important this movie is. IT IS SO SO IMPORTANT. Suno can be simply translated as “Listen” and this short film wants you to listen. So, please do.



This is a hilarious take on extramarital relationships. I just could not stop laughing at Manoj Bajpayee’s face. That man can do anything lol. Watch this if you are too frustrated of this home quarantine.

Nayantara’s Necklace


This was a real good movie and I hate it how Konkona Sen and Tilotamma Shome are so underrated. They do such a great job, especially the character of Konkona Sen. This short film is definitely worth a watch.



This movie just broke my heart. The ending just had me thinking for atleast half an hour. One of the movies that would not just pop on your YT feed but needs to be searched but I am telling you, it is so worth it.

Karma Café


This movie makes you think on what you deserve. It is so well acted and executed that I started complaining in my head on how such movies who deserve recognition go unnoticed. Plis to watch.


Plees watch all of these, they are so worth it!