The human race has lost a legend today. One of the finest and humblest actors India ever produced, this legend shall be surely missed. Here are us listing the gems Irrfan Khan left us with so we can sit tonight:



“Chaand pe baad mei chale jaana, pehle dharti ko you theek se jaan lo.” ~Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster.

One of my favourite quotes from his films. We are always so busy planning and thinking about the future that we miss out on the great moments that are unveiling right before us; the present. Thinking about the destination is important, but its even more important to enjoy steps along the way. A lesson for all of us.



“Sirf insaan galat nahi hote..Waqt bhi galat ho sakta.” ~ D-Day

Next time you jump the gun and blame the other person, pause for a moment and try to understand their perspective for once, because oftentimes its the timing and circumstsnces that are to be blamed. A gem of an advice by him that we should always carry forward in life.



“The key to a happy life is to accept you are never actually in control” ~Jurassic World

The only constant in our lives is change, so let’s not try to fight it. Let’s not thwart or resist it. Stop holding on to your lists and clutching onto your ideologies of a perfect life, because the universe has other plans.



“Mohabbat thi, iss liye jaane diya. Zid hoti toh baahon mein hoti.”

Truly loving someone does not necessarily mean being with them, it means finding joy and contentment in their happiness- even if sometimes it means letting them go.



“I think we forget things if there is nobody to tell them.” ~Lunchbox

Human connection is one of the most beautiful things in life. Find your humans. And if you are lucky to have found them, tell them things. About your day. About your favourite movies. About how you are feeling. About how much they mean to you. Don’t leave the words unsaid.



“Galtiyan bhi rishton ki tarah hoti hai, karni nahi padti, ho jati hai” ~D-Day

Aur rishton ki tarah unhe bhi sambhalna padta hai, sudhaarna padta hai- warna haath se nikal jaati hai.



“Yeh shehar hume jitna deta hai, badle mein kahin zyada humse le leta hai.” ~ Life In A Metro

Let’s start taking back from it. Stealing small moments of joys and tapri ki chai, whenever we can. Because that’s all we remember in the end.



“Zindagi mein Kuch bhi hone se pehle, imaandaar hona bohat zaroori hai.” ~Angrezi medium

Not going to distract you from this one. Just take a moment to let it sink in. And carry it forward with you.



“Bachpan mein bachcha hamari ungli pakad ke chalte hai taaki bheed mein kho na jaaye, aur jis din woh hamari ungli chhod deve.. to aisa laage jaise hum hi kho gaye ho..par jab talak balak aapki ungli chodega tak aake gale kaise lagega” ~ Angrezi Medium

It physically hurts to even think that this was the last time we saw him onscreen. Here’s to him, a great actor and even a greater human. You’ll be missed.


Sir, you have given us things to remember forever.
May your soul rest in peace.