In this new trend of doing everything that is going online, has got kaafi pressure on us and here’s a little secret that IT IS OKAY, even if you don’t do all of these things. It’s true !


It’s okay to not do everything and anything that trends on social media if you don’t have the resources to do it. Even if you haven’t played among us yet, chill hai, you are still one among us <3

Not being a doctor/Engineer/ CA is okay. Stop listening to your dur ke relatives and their unpaid career counselling sesh. We live in a world where making makeup tutorial videos and memes are considered a profession. We now believe in diversity and let’s please keep doing that.


Hamesha wearing brands is not mandatory! Instead if you buy stuff from local businesses around you or your friends, that is equally amazing and appreciated. Also, brownie points for actually adding value to someone’s business who needs it right now 🙂

You don’t have to be in a relationship just because everyone/ all your friends are getting into one. Relationship hai Zara ki sale nahi. We know it’s a scary feeling of being alone but it’s not going to be like that forever. You’ll eventually find someone but so long as you haven’t, enjoy your single life.


You don’t have to pretend to like English music when in reality you can’t stop ‘nagin din gin gin gin gin gin gin’ playing in the back of your head. We know it’s a catchy song and we accept you for that. Anyway, agar abhi tak nahi chal raha tha toh ab chalega puri raat. You’re welcome.

It’s okay to have just three friends and not fifty three. Three friends, or even two who love and understand you is so much better than fifty three friends who just exist in your social life. Quality >>>>>> quantity.

Social circle bada karke siraf network marketing walo ka bhala hua hai waise bhi.

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jim and pam from the tv show office sitting on a bench and eating something

Even If you say no for certain things, know that it’s okay. You’re a functional human being with legitimate feelings and everything, and you have all the rights to say no.

And no, that does not make you a bad person.

Now repeat after me. “I can say no and no it won’t make me a bad person.”


There is no such thing as Too _____. No you aren’t too emotional, too bossy, too cliche, too boring, too happy, too curious. Stop giving justifications to people when they say ‘you are too much’. Stop trying to blend in when you clearly are standing out. We accept you for you and you are enough.

Na kum, na zyada. (In henrys voice, because y’all are cute marshmallows)

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Dressing up randomly, eating a whole tub of ice cream, having a cry sesh with your best friend, posting your reel on social media, bingeing a very cliche movie or whatever your form of self care is. Do it and do it proudly without feeling judged. Wo din gaye jab pleasing others used to be our top priority. Self care is the new trend now, be it in any form. Your mental health is way too important than looking cool for social media.

So take care of yourself for us, will ya?


And as Dwight bhai ne bola it’s true toh it’s true. bas.