Ever since the start of the pandemic, a lot of us have been struggling with our sleep cycle, so we thought we’d share all the tried and tested hackerman solution on how to fall asleep like a pro.

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  • It’s simple. Just call your best friend and they’ll obey start talking about their ex/crush for the 100940739th time and tumhe sunte sunte itni mast neend aayegi kya btau kitni mast neend aayegi.


  • Guys, according to a research, working out at night really helps. Because 5 mins cardio karke you’d probably just want to lie down on the floor and pass out right there. Tried & Tested.
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  • Watch a really cute romcom or your fav TV show then cry yourself to sleep because love is so beautiful, bas tumhe toh kabhi nahi milega… Kya mast neend aati hai ye soch ke.


  • Agar usse bhi nahi neend aati toh swaad anusar Tune Jo Na Kahan, Kahin Toh types gaane sun lo ek baar :)) Tears max.
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  • Zyada kuch nahi, bas ek baar book khol lo apne bas. Isse accha hackerman solution toh kahi nahi milega.


  • Or just open Dominos ka website & look at all the pizzas that you haven’t eaten since 5 months. Aur aasuon se pet bhar ke so jao.
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  • If none of the above works, perhaps the most effective solution these days – just play a lil PUBG before sleeping :))

Sweet dreams !