Adulting is a bit messy but with all the responsibilities and sudden realization that whatever you have to do, you have to do it on your own; it hits you that you are now a full proper functioning human adult.



2+2=5? hm ok.

You know you have reached top tier of adulthood when you stop explaining yourself to random people. Haan bhai, 2+2 = 5 hota hai. Earth is flat. Jo tum bolo wo sahi. Bas mujhe pareshan mat karo.



Birthdays don’t excite you

God gave us a fixed amount of excitement we could use for our birthdays in our lifetime, and vo humne bachpan mei toffee baantne mei yaan fir teenage mei cafes mei kewl banne mei kahatam kardi. Birthdays now just feel like just another normal day jispe people around you are excited & you’re “arrey yaar phirse?”



Clicking pictures? neh

Remember when you took a picture of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING? Now you officially find that cringy. Living In the moment excites you more than capturing everything in your camera. And whenever you see a 19 yo doing all that you just sigh and think, “beta ek zaman tha jab hum bhi ye sab karte the.”



“Humare Zamane Mei” is your catchphrase

Hamaare zamaane mei toh kya badhiya movies aati thi, kya cartoons aate the, kya gaane aate the. Ab toh kya hi aata hai? Literally everything around you just reminds you of your zamaana which feels like it was almost 846892 years ago.



Hello healthy lifestyle

There comes a time when you wake up daily w a random body part hurting – backpain, neckpain, legpain – become your new friends, which makes you realize the importance of health. Fitness slowly becomes your priority. Ghar ka khaana > bahar ka khaana.



Self love is priority

Adulting is synonymous to realising that you’re not rajma chawal; your instinct to be Sliked by everyone legit flatlines. Self love and self care are the new favorite terms in your vocabulary now. Giving time to the things that you like to do or hanging out alone is a whole new level of atmanirbharta that you’ve unlocked and you’re happily proud of it.

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We all adultin’

Remember the meanest girl in school? She is a social worker now. That boy who was too shy to talk? He has started his own digital media platform. Now is when you let go of your pity grudges and bachpan ke prejudices. Watching people, who you grew up with, work towards their goals gives such a hum sath sath hai wali vibes that even sooraj barjatya can’t beat 🙂

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Priorities kinda change

2 irl friends > 50+ online friends, Fixing things > complaining about things, Calls > Texts, Nonfiction books > fiction books, Hanging out at home > going to clubs, CRED notifications > Insta notifications



CRED notifications excite you more than Insta’s

Kinda ironic, when you’re a teen and don’t have a job, you spend money on stupid things without giving two F’s. But now you earn, you try to save money wherever you can. You’re an adult when idea of getting rewards by paying your bills on time is better than the idea of getting rewards by replying to your DMs on time.

Bas exist kar rahe hain na bahut hai feelz.