We have gotten a good number of serious movies over the years like Kapoor & Sons, Aligarh and Margarita with a Straw which have tackled with the topic of LGBTQ+ issues in a serious and beautiful manner. But, what can seriously attack the mindset of a generation that cannot accept them is an entertainer. So, here’s listing down why Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan is a must watch!



The plot is known to everyone I guess but what I can say is that it does not get too preachy. You laugh and then suddenly you realise that you are laughing at our society and the norms surrounding it. The issue of homophobia is a sensitive topic and they do not let us down in any way. It was a fresh script and had its loopholes but it was high time we got a good gay rom-com and we got it.\



Jitendra Kumar whom we have seen before in TVF series like Kota Factory and Pitchers did a good job as a gay man who is scared of coming out to his family. Ayushmann Khurana on the other hand plays a character of a gay man who is rebellious and most of his actions don’t make sense always tbh. This was the first time I thought Ayushmann went too over the top with his acting. Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao are the perfect casting for Indian middle-class family parents lol. Also, Sunita Rajwar and Manu Rishi do a good job.



Cinematography was decent and did not make any lasting impressions. There wasn’t any use of much establishing shots but we see more use of close-up and mid shots because the film is very character centric.



The dialogues are just on point. Bashing homophobia that persists in the Indian society, in the mind of so many parents was looking so important. They were cleverly written as we could see the wit dripping as some dialogues made the crowd in the theatre go “ooof”. That’s when you know it has made an impact. Even though some monologues in the movie were unnecessary but it was still made up for.



Editing is also pretty decent and does look faltered at some places where they switch from one scene to another without establishing much. But, that can be ignored because it’s a comic film and we can ignore the aesthetic aspects of a film.



Music is a big no-no. They could have done better and when there is a rom-com playing onscreen there is always a huge opportunity to have a good music album. But SMZS did not do well in this aspect.



Direction of this film is good as most of the good dialogues are by supporting actors and it is a hard thing to time them properly. Even though the direction is obviously not the best but it is still commendable owing to the fact that this movie has worked holistically.


Overall review:

I hope this movie is watched more and more by our parents because change starts with a little spark in our minds. I hope our society as a whole find that spark and gets more acceptable to our LGBTGA+ friends.


If you still have not watched Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, plis go watch it with your parents ASAP.