TV shows come up with career ideas that career counselling vaale don’t even tell us about but here are some shows that literally made us reconsider our career choices all the time.



a still from the tv show

You’re lying if this legal drama series didn’t make you think “yaaaar, is it too late to switch my career?? cuz dayumnnnn. Mujhe bhi Mike & Harvey ke jaise cases solve karne hai.” Also who wouldn’t want to work with Donna?




I still don’t understand Barney bhai actually kya karta hai but mujhe bhi woh Chi karna hai. Please.


Two and a half men


Charlie became a millionaire with a house overlooking the beach by writing jingles. Jingles. Yes jingles. Wo diamond biscuit diamond biscuit ka american version. I mean I can write too, why do I have to Alan my way through life when I can charlie harper it. *Deeply introspecting my career choices*


Grey’s Anatomy


Anytime, I see an accident the first thing that comes to my mind is, code blue, push one of epi and start a central line. Show dekhkar itna confidence agaya hai ki medical padhe bina hi surgery kar lu, bas koi karne de de, and that lowkey makes me think what if I actually did medical because everyday is a great day to save lives. Maybe in next life Meredith grey, maybe in next life.


Emily In Paris


Emily has the craziest job. I mean who won’t avant a job that requires you to travel to Paris that too for promoting luxury brands. She is our favorite social media manager and supercool influencer, all in one. Mujhe bhi yahi karna hai, Mujhe bhi paris jana hai. *cries in Alia bhatts voice*


Made in Heaven


Karan and Tara made us all think “ye kis line mei aagye aap bhaisaab” because I WANT TO SWITCH MY CAREER. Being surrounded by aesthetics and too many good vibes while breaking prejudices and stereotypes, all at the same time. This one kind of hits home. An ideal and society accept karegi type of career choice.




Toh matlab mai job chhod du? aur bangalore shift hojau? aur kuch doston ke saath startup karlu?


Vampire Diaries


I am tired of my mom telling me ham logo ka khoon kyu chusti rehti hai. So that adds up for my resume to become a vampire. Why is being a vampire not a career option, again? Matlab all your job would include is looking hot, turning off your humanity switch, staying away from wooden stakes and living till eternity. Why are we humans.


The Big Bang Theory


Nevermind guys

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