Being a short person in India has its ups and downs… but you can’t really reach the ups, so mostly downs.


From being called Chhotu in school to shopping in kids’ section as a full-grown adult, it’s not easy being a short person in India. Especially when your friends make a point to remind you how tiny you are, in case you’d forgotten or something. People always look down at you… literally. It’s even harder when those unimaginative 6-feet fools ask the same questions, like, “Aae jab paida hua tha toh capsule tha kya?” “Aae teri puri family chhoti hai kya?” “Aaae mummy ne bacchpan mei complan nahi pilaya kya?” “Aae….”


Family functions are a friggin’ nightmare for you, because you’re gonna have to meet those relatives who will bombard with you questions like this.


Because relatives weren’t enough, even the new friends you meet say the same shit. “Yeah, never heard that before.”


It’s way worse if you’re a short guy, because if you go out to watch an R rated movie with friends, only you will have to show your ID. Hello, embarrassment my old friend.



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It’s literally impossible to take a decent selfie with your tall friends. Those khambas ugh.



People usually have cute and funny nicknames, but noope, we don’t have that luxury. Our nicknames range from “Chhotu” to “Dhai inch”



Why we literally hate family functions (2)


We are part time humans and part time armrests.


Did someone say shopping?




At least there’s one perk of being short.


If I had a rupee for every time someone said this to me.


Sigh. We can never touch the bottom of the swimming pool past 5 ft mark so you kinda just-


And we can’t even get mad at people because we are tiny and it looks cute.



It’s always awkward when tall girls hug you (not really awkward. Love it)


This is literally our only counter against their mockery.




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