And that kids, is the reason why some people shouldn’t be allowed to tweet.


The Rio Olympics started on 3rd August 2016 and it’s quite safe to say that some of us believe India’s start has been quite shaky so far. In midst of it all, there are vaguely three types of people on Indian Twitter right now:

  1. The ones who are rooting for India and trying their best to motivate the players in Rio.
  2. The ones who are making jokes on Olympics and keeping us entertained, as usual.
  3. Shobhaa De


Shobhaa De, a “famous” author and a socialite, also had something to say about the Indian contingent in Rio:



Okay, I’ll be totally honest, this isn’t very surprising coming from her because she’s widely known for her controversial tweets, and she’s entitled to her own opinion but by bashing the players representing India in Rio Olympics 2016, even Shobha Dee has unlocked a new level of stupidity.


As you might expect, she invited a storm of twitter replies defending Indian contingent.


ready? shoooot.



And on….




Sure, India’s start has been rocky so far but instead of putting them down, why don’t we concentrate on supporting and motivating them to do better. But that’s Shobhaa De being Shobhaa De, who’s no stranger to controversial tweets (more). But they saved the day for us, thanks, Twitter.