With another month of staying at home, our mental and physical health needs to be focused upon. Here’s a reminder to not forget these things in July and take care of yourself.

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  • Last month was really difficult for a lot of us. Conversation around mental health has gone silent once again, so please talk about it. Have those uncomfortable talks, keep a check on your close friends, and yourself. Take a break if you have to. Sab cheezein hatao, internships, aati jaati rahegi, but abhi focus on your mental health. Talk, ask for help, cry and vent, but treat it as a priority. July is for self-care.


  • Haan I know, bohot logon ke college exams aa rahe hai aur Board results bhi hai, & I know you’re stressing out, par please apne ko doubt mat karo. I know it must be just so difficult to go through especially during this time but I know you’ll pull through, bas thoda sa aur 🙂


  • Watch the holy trinity of Hum Saath Saath Hai, Hum Aapke Hain Koun and Maine Pyaar Kiya. Because guilty pleasure. Or something new, like Tees Maar Khan or HNY also works. Welcome to self-care tips 101.
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  • Alsooo, try and attend all those online live shows of your favourite artists ’cause you never know when we’ll get to see them in person. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the thrill of live shows, right? Fairy lights chalao, get your friends on call and sing & cry along to Prateek Kuhad because KYA KASOOR HAI MERAAAAAAA?!?!?


  • Things are pretty messed up honestly, but don’t forget to enjoy the monsoons from your window. Apni favourite Masala Chai, Pakode and “Bheegi Bheegi Raaton mein” playlist, ready rakho. Iss mahine hum sab saath mein monsoons ko apne windows se celebrate karenge!


  • It’s almost been 4 months since we’re under lockdown, and I am sure iss duration mein tumne probably kuch na kuch toh seekh hi liya hoga (or at least koshish ki hogi). Showcase it now. Be proud of your progress. But please, again, don’t be under the stress of being unproductive. Tum awesome ho yaar. Be you, do you.


  • Goes without saying, but apna dhyaan rakho. Situation is getting worse outside, pls build your immunity, work out (or at least try). I mean this is not just for your body but is actually a very cathartic way of releasing stress. Toh agli baar behen pareshaan kare, toh 10 push-ups maar lena. Workout ka workout, and coping mechanisms 10/10.


  • TRY THIS HACK. Jab bhi worked up, irritated and angry feel ho, sabse Pehle kitchen jao aur apne liye ek mast Shikanji bana lo. Saare dukh dard, gone in an instant. Genuinely guys, works like a charm.
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  • Unpopular Opinion, but to lighten your mood anytime during the day, read up on sappy, cringy pick-up lines. It’s a tried and tested method ok. Example: Do you know what’s on the Menu? Me-N-U (okay I have tinda tonight, what d you have?)


So remember to include these little things in your July and forever, happiness will follow on its own !

Keep smiling 🙂