The Ministry of home affairs stated that the students can go to their schools from September 21st for taking teachers’ guidance with parents’ consent, only. The government on Tuesday reviewed a SOP (standard operating procedures) for the partial reopening of schools on voluntary basis. 


All you need to know-

  • Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said, as the govt. of India is following a phase-based unlock, the reopening of schools and colleges from 9th- 12th for some guidance by the teachers would be needed.
  • This would be commencing from 21st September for all the staff and teachers whereas regular classes aren’t allowed until September 30th.
  • All the precautionary measures including social distancing of a minimum of six feet distance, washing hands, wearing masks, use of sanitizers frequently, self-monitoring by all the teachers, staff and students would be ensured.
  • All these specifications must be on a mandatory basis and online learning must be encouraged until things fall into place.
  • A consent form from the parent must be issued if the student wants to approach the teacher, and should be done in a staggered manner.
  • Heading toward the deficit, only the schools outside or pretty far from the containment zones shall remain open. While the schools in the containment zones will be closed.
  • All the classes and laboratories will be sanitized before partial functioning is resumed.
  • Also, all the arrangements for contactless attendance instead of biometric shall be done.
  • Specific markings on the floor will be done to ensure distancing in all the queues, inside/ outside the premises.
  • Any sports events, assemblies or any such activity which requires gathering is prohibited.
  • Higher educational institutions conducting doctoral courses and postgraduate studies have been issued with the same SOP and shall be followed monotonously.

Is everybody sure about this?

  • Well, the major reason behind why most of the parents do not want it to reopen in September is because they do not want to take any chances against the virus. 13% of the parents have said they wouldn’t be sending their children outdoors at any cost until Covid reduces.
  • 9 %  said that social distancing will not be possible in schools, which is quite true, because of course not all students understand the underlying sensationalism of this.
  • 5 % said Covid-19 spread will increase even faster if schools were opened, as a matter of fact it would be higher due to the population in schools /colleges.
  • 1% stated that there is a higher risk for senior citizens in the family by chance a child gets infected.
  • Finally, just 2% of them believe that online education is a good substitute in this situation.
  • 47% of them agreed on all the reasons mentioned above.

Let’s just hope the government makes a right decision on this as time still prevails and the health of all the students should be the first preference given to this situation because the immunity level for the youth is comparatively less.