The ultimate power flex of school life was to be a class monitor and here are some perks of being the monitor and well disadvantages if you were not really friends with the monitor.



  • It had its own perks like extra footage, ye-class-meri-hai-aur-mai-is-class ki-jayakant-shikre vibes, responsible hone ka validation, extra marks (yes, if uk, uk)


  • But we also spent more time getting chalks and dusters from saath wali class than going to canteen with our friends, and the only date we ever had was writing date on blackboard in zero period every morning. EVERY MORNING.


  • Our biggest astra was “minding the class.” Woh baat alag hai ki class mind karte karte college tak we lost our mind only, BUT that taste of power – standing up in front to write the names of kids who misbehaved… except my crush’s and my best friend’s ofc. (or anyone who bought me samosa in recess. don’t blame the game, blame the playa! wait, did i say it ulta)


  • And it was a given that if you’re a class monitor then you’re also the unsaid cupboard duty ka incharge. Teacher ki cupboard ki chaabi aese aapke paas rehti hai jese Kamolika ke paas tijori ki chaabi. Too much fun. (dhin tanana dhin)


  • Speaking of which, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like a gangster every time I entered the Staff Room like it was my janm sidd adhikaar. It was major “yeahhhhh biches, I didn’t choose the thug (read: teacher ki pet) life, thug (read: teacher ki pet) life chose me. Nothing can ever match that OG feeling.


  • But here’s the dark side of being a class monitor. THE PRESSURE. The pressure to always score well, the pressure to submit projects on time, the pressure to never be a defaulter, the pressure to always be the ideal uptight student. Nahi toh suno “class monitor hoke aisa haal hai tumhara?” This pressure is dangerous, because you always tryna stand up to that ideal student image but reality hits you when you enter college and it’s a different level of struggle.


  • And despite all of this, the most stressful time of this period was fighting for Monitor elections because chahe jitna struggle ho, apun ko power ka nasha hogya tha, Because listen, Monitor elections ke ek mahine pehle se canvassing and favours shuru ho jate hai. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t bribe kids w samosas to vote for me (wow that’s a lot of bribery for a 7th grader)


  • Normally, everyone would get excited when a teacher was absent but not class monitor. because hum becharo ka aadha period class ko mind karne mei & doosra aadha substitution period ki teacher ko dhundne aur bulane mei nikal jaata tha. Ek pal ka sukoon naseeb nahi hua school mei kasam se.


  • Ek aur assumed duty of a class monitor was to ALWAYS distribute corrected notebooks, copies and answer sheets. I mean really, it was like sometimes becoming the Santa Claus of scholastics and books, and sometimes the Grim Reaper who knew sabke maths ke marks….


  • And how we learned quick decision making in high pressure situations when the teacher asked “Rohan kahan hai?” and you had to choose between being honest (“ground mei betha hai kyu ki uski crush ka PT period hai”) or saving their ass. And the number of times I saved their stupid asses, I should still be receiving dairy milk every week.

Chaahe jitna bhi extra kaam aur stress hota ho, there were many unfair advantages of being a class monitor.