Salman Khan being Salman Khan
Salman Khan rape comment invited a huge backlash from Twitter when he reportedly compared himself to a raped woman. In retrospect, he’s really no stranger to controversies, from shooting a black buck to beating a Journalist, he’s done it all, but this time it’s a new low for Bhai. During an interview he said, “When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight. ” Though, after a few seconds he realized his mistake and retracted his statement and said, “I shouldn’t have.” But the bullet had already left the gun. The rape comment went viral on social media overnight and invited the outrage.

Twitter reaction on Salman Khan rape comment:

Salman Khan rape comment twitter


Bhaitards also jumped-in to defend him


His Father, Salim Khan stepped up and apologized on his behalf


National Commission for Women gives Salman Khan 7 days to make an apology for his rape comment, failing to do so, he will be summoned for an explanation.

This whole incident is a deja-vu for everyone, let’s see,

1) Everything is going smooth.

2) Salman does something incredibly stupid.

3) Media and Twitter goes bananas over it.

4) Everyone forgets everything about it by Eid.

5) Salman makes money, audiences enjoys his movie.

6) Repeat.