Sadak 2 released this weekend and after collecting millions of dislikes on its trailer on YouTube, the audience did not hold back their criticism for the movie as well.

The first reactions about Sadak 2, headlined by Alia Bhatt are out and Twitter doesn’t seem impressed at all. Par sach bath hai ke we expected something more than the first part.

2 men and a woman walking in a till from the new movie sadak 2


It actually turns out to be the lowest rated film of all time on IMDb with 1.1 score *ouch that’s gotta hurt*, let’s talk about how much it sucks later xD

Mahesh Bhatt’s grand return to direction after two decades, is a big letdown, at least this is what Twitter believes. The film started trending on Twitter after its OTT release at Disney+ Hotstar on Friday evening.

But c’mon, it was Aditya Roy and Alia leading the main roles, we all genuinely wanted it to be way more impressive, yah or nah ??

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In fact, Sadak 2 has been facing a barrage of dislikes since few days earlier, especially in the aftermath of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Many believe in the theory that he was not treated well in the film industry because he was an ‘outsider’. Later, this turned into a strong campaign against many actors and filmmakers whose relatives are also in the film business.

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Released on August 12, the trailer of Sadak 2 has been at the receiving end. It currently holds the record for being the most-disliked video on YouTube, with a staggering dislike ratio of 95%. The close second spot belongs to Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie who has a dislike ratio of 93% on his video titled “Can this video get 1 million dislikes?” with nearly 5 million “dislikes”, oopse bad luck for Mahesh Bhatt. Kya kare if people don’t tend to like it? May be it actually sucks, and reviews do matter a lot.

The reviews on twitter state-

  • It’s a torture of epic proportion, full of nonsense yet hilarious script and screen play.
  • A franchisee is messed up.
  • Slow paced and illogical


However, these are just the first few reactions. More publications are going to come out with detailed reviews and the general opinion might change.

But as of now taking a trip down Sadak 2 would be a bad choice according to the critics’ reviews.