From fan theories and discussion threads to hilarious memes and video parodies, Netflix’s first Indian series ‘Sacred Games’ is all over the Indian side of the internet.

Although there’s a long hiatus before we stream second season and find out what tf Trivedi is doing in the bunker, but meanwhile we can learn more about the first season. Sacred Games makers Vikramaditya Motwane (director) and Varun Grover (writer) recently hosted a Reddit AMA where they answered a bunch of interesting questions by the fans. We learned so much about Sacred Games and the thought process of the makers.

Here are some of the best answers from the Reddit AMA session.


Answer: Unfair to answer that really but if pushed against a wall, I’d say Katekar. Because he’s so transparent. He was the most interesting character in the book for me and so see that translated to screen has been very satisfying. But it’s also great to see what Jatin Sarna brought to Bunty, or what Kubra brought to Cuckoo. The actors really raised those parts.


answer: Interesting question. I don’t think we can counter tribal tendencies while being the tribe. The maximum we can do, only a small number of us, is to be aware of this design and ‘disease’. History has shown us time and again, tribes have a standard way of beginning and ending. (We are close to the end i feel.)


answer: Better-written female characters.



answer: That was the first decision we took while starting – to bring the timeline to present day from 2005. That involved not just tech-update but also how the city responds to crime. Post 26/11 Mumbai is better prepared and more aware of the possible attacks so the response is different. The way RAW, IB etc jump in at the very first alert is a sign of that change. In the book, if you remember, the investigation on Gaitonde threat is quite laidback and running in the background. In present day, that won’t happen. Hence the urgency you see in the show.


answer: We knew from day one that he will be killed. It’s the same in the book and it seemed the most natural (haha sorry) thing to do in the arc of the series. If he was not killed, his character would not have been as memorable as it is now.

We did debate not killing Anjali Mathur (I still feel sad I didn’t fight strongly enough to save her) but the consensus was to let Malcolm finish her.



answer: The guy who ends up killing Katekar has a whole chapter in the book. His name is Aadil and has a great back-story. We wanted to write and shoot that but time constraints came in the way. One regret we will have forever is not being able to pull that off.



answer: Process is very different – first because of the length of the material. Secondly because it has a writers’ room (ours was me, Smita Singh, and Vasant Nath plus our research head Smita Nair and writing room assistant Mantra Watsa) so lots of different ideas are flying all the time. Third is the execution of each episode – you need to run multiple threads, keep the intrigue, and begin and end on high/emotional notes.


answer: What makes you think he didn’t know 🙂



answer: Some of it jumped from the book. And some of it we decided in the writers’ room. The central idea – that Gaitonde suffers from a God complex – was the first big break while writing. We kept thinking why would he call somebody and tell his story. It just didn’t translate neatly from the book to the screenplay. So then we came up with the idea that he thinks of his life as mythology – a story for all the ages. And from there on, jumping on to the mythological motifs was an easy task.


answer: Not so much entire scenes, but I miss some longer scenes that we cut shorter – When Sartaj comes to the bunker, he takes a whole chakkar around it. We had such more of him looking for the car in episode 2. that kind of stuff. But that’s just me as a director…

The one scene I miss is a scene in episode 6 where an old constable is retiring and all our police characters watch him breakdown. Was a lovely performance by the actor but unfortunately the scene didn’t work in the full episode.


answer: So many of them actually, if not ALL of them took the script to the next level. The kind of response the show is getting is only because EVERY department has done way better job than they were expected to do at their best. In terms of improvisations, Jitendra Joshi added the most to the lines and Neha Shitole (Shalini Katekar) completely improvised those heartbreaking lines to Sartaj after Katekar’s death.



answer: At that time he didn’t feel Sartaj to be a threat big enough to be eliminated in that factory. They were in the middle of important work and didn’t want to bring attention by killing a cop. He was transported to be killed and thrown off at another location but he escaped. Later, Sartaj had seen too much to be left alive so Malcolm proceeded with the sacrifice ritual.

They answered so many questions, you can check out the whole thread on Reddit here

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