One of the best things about Indian pop-band Euphoria is that they ALWAYS try to bring something new to the music scene.
And this time it’s a soulful Punjabi ballad in collaboration with Akriti Kakar (might remember her from Saturday Saturday hit). Spoiler: the song may or may not make you cry.

Euphoria’s lead singer Palash Sen is back with a new song titled ‘Saajna’ and it’s the kind of a song that will make you smile wide, and then hopelessly cry, all in the span of just 5 minutes. Damnit Euphoria, can you like stop playing with my emotions every single time?! [cries in Mujhse Kahan Na Gaya]

Here, listen to it for yourself.

Even the people on Twitter are collectively head over heels for Saajna, here’s what they are saying about the song.

It makes me so happy to see my favorite band from childhood still kicking it in the music scene. Never change, Palash Sen. Never change!