Every Indian household has a fixed set of unsaid rules, so let’s see what some of these rules are that no one told you but you have been following all your life….


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  • If it rains during the day, even for 15 mins, raat ko a/c nahi chalega bas, sorry. I don’t make the rules, the International Board of Indian Parents Council does.
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  • Jo sabji aaj dopahar ko bani hai, wahi raat ko milegi. And agar phir bhi thodi si bach jaye toh subah ussi sabji ke paranthe banega. Jisko problem hai is rule se, usko mast guilt trip karaya jayega.
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  • If you’re bringing snacks from outside while guests are already sitting in your home, you have to come back with snake level 100 so they must not think tumhare ghar mei saman khatam tha.


  • Only your mom decides tumhe aaj kitni bhookh lag rahi hai so don’t even bother trying.


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  • Youngest sibling is the official dobby of the house. Mummy, Papa, Bhai, Behen, jisne bhi bola kaam karne ka, toh karneka. Rules are rules.


  • The sibling that is sitting closer to kitchen has to bring water when parents ask for it. Same rule of proximity applies when the doorbell rings.
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  • One is supposed to have more love for mother’s side of the family than your dad’s side of the family. Issa rule!
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  • Every “Haan” is supposed to be followed by a “ji” or your ass will be kicked out of the house. Aisa dohe mei likha hai.
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  • The last person who was seen coming out of a room is responsible for switching off the lights and fan. Breaking the rule gets you a “Bijli ka bill tumhara baap bharega?” and saying “haanji” is not acceptable even though dohe mei likha hal.
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There is probably an underground board of Indian families that makes these rules and every Indian household follows them with no questions asked.