Joanne Rowling is the woman who defined an entire generation of young people, kids and grown-ups alike by the sheer force of her imagination – Harry Potter.

Rowling loves to connect with her fans, whether it’s by social media or good old fashioned letters. Recently, she was in the news for sending Harry Potter books to kids in Syria who wanted to read them to distract themselves from the ruthless bombings.

However, this time, someone from our very country also reached out to the queen. 12-year-old Kulsum from Jammu & Kashmir wrote her a letter. “I am not inspired by JK Rowling only because she writes well but also because she has faced many difficulties but she never gave up. “May Allah bless JK Rowling and give her a long life so that when I grow up, I get to meet her.”

Kulsum’s teacher from Haji Public School, Sabbah Haji Baji tweeted the letter to the author on her behalf.

And guess what? Rowling actually replied to her tweet. She asked the teacher to DM her Kulsum’s full name so she can send her a gift.

rowling gifts kids of Jammu and Kashmir

And the teacher fangirled like a twelve year old after reading Rowling’s reply. Tbh, I would do the same if I were her.

Fast forward two months. Kulsum and her classmates received special gifts from Rowling. The gifts included a personal note for Kulsum, the book series, and merchandise from the Harry Potter movies; Hedwig figure, magic wands, and bookmarks.

She also uploaded the unboxing video. Aaaaa look at them kids smiling. Their reactions definitely tops mine when I received Deathly Hallows book on the first day of its release.

And a video of Kulsum reading out loud her personal note from JK Rowling.

It’s little gestures like these that keep my faith in humanity intact.