Imtiaz Ali’s super special film Rockstar came out exactly 9 years ago today. A film which has been the epitome of pain, dukh, dard and aansu. A film which seized our hearts as it took us on the journey of life that Jordan lived-w ups & downs, passion for music and love for Heer.


Bina roye yeh movie dekhi nahi jaati. And a music album which boasts of one gem after another. Each and every song so beautiful and pure. Here’s an appreciation post. ALSO, 9 YEARS???? SERIOUSLY????

Jo Bhi Main


The opening sequence of the film poetry in motion. As “Jo bhi main” plays you see Jordan’s entire life span w Mohit Chauhan’s voice giving life to its heartwarming lyrics. It’s like you get transcended in a world of your thoughts & especially the ones that were left unsaid.

And the lines “jo bhi main kehna chahu, barbaad kare alfaaz mere….” hit different. If you don’t scream ohyeayeayeayeaahhh and pretend you’re playing at a concert then you’re lying sorry.


Hawaa Hawaa


The most upbeat song in the mellow album- Hawaa Hawaa is like dopamine PRO MAXXXX. The way Nargis Fakhri & Ranbir enjoy all around Prague & rekindle their love is ekdum pyaaraaa!!

Sholay behke – OHO, Rani behke – OHO, Naach rangeele – OHO, Sab Zehereele – OHO, Khabree chakraya – OHO, Ulte paanv – OHO


Kun Faya Kun


This song is something else entirely. It’s absolute bliss in 7:50 minutes. AR Rahman’s musical genius, Mohit Chauhan’s vocals and Javed Ali jam packed on a holy day to give us this heavenly song. No matter where one goes in life, Kun Faya Kun stays in their heart.

“Tu ne mujhko banaya, main toh jagg ko na bhaaya…” each & every line is precious :”)


Tum Ho


“Kahi se kahi ko bhi, aao bewajah chale…” soul stirring- that’s the exact correct adjective for this beauty of a song <3 Mohit Chauhan gave his voice to all songs in this movie but there is a different magic to Tum Ho. Its like this stronghold that binds you to it, and you keep coming back to it hamesha- especially when in love 😉 The female version “Tum ko” by Kavita Krishnamurthy is as heartbreaking and beautiful :’)


Katiya Karun


Harshdeep Kaur sung this song in 2011 and won over our hearts by giving life to its punjabi lyrics and beautiful music. Ekdum uwu feels, especially when Jordan & Heer go around having fun as this song plays. The chorus makes you feel like you are flying on clouds and as the melancholy sets in.

The opening “ting ling ting ling” is so catchy too Imao. Ek baar ispe bas khulke dance karna hai uff..


Nadaan Parindey


Show me one person who hasn’t broken down when hearing this song?? Emotions ka rush, dil dhakk-dhakk aur Jordan ka pain flashing before you. As Mohit Chauhan w his gifted talent takes us through this song, you are just floored through & through. Also, the genius that Irshad Kamil & AR Rahman spun into it (and the whole album too) w the lyrics & music is unparalleled pleaseeee.


Sadda Haq


Its like the rebel anthem of our generation. Its the IT song. Adrenaline rush hota if you start humming it. Mohit Chauhan ne ye gaana gaya hai taaki we can hear it for motivation at any difficult time in life. When “O eco- friendly, nature ke rakshak, main bhi hu nature” kicks in, you get into a whole different vibe! after all these years, no Bollywood song can match this one.


Phir se ud chala


That song you hear when you are on the run, or when travelling in metro and maybe when you just look out of the window in a car. It’s soothing & soul calming. “Mitti jaise sapne ye kitna bhi palko se jhaado phir aa jaate hai.” what lines man, ekdum tugs at heart strings. Hearing this song is like feeling I can fly, I can touch the sky – words fall short for appreciating it enough :))

The playlist on loop for tonight <3