Social media is a place to express yourself and share your thoughts with the people around you. Or at least that’s what founders of different social media platforms believed. Since we, as loyal Indians, have an eye for breaking the rules, we don’t believe the aforementioned statement either, when it doesn’t suit our choice or narrative.


More often that not, it’s just the paid fan accounts of celebrities who take down someone criticizing their pseudo-God, but Rishi Kapoor believes in getting his hands dirty himself. Maybe he’s been out of job for too long that he does what others are paid to do? Who knows.


There have been multiple occasions where Rishi Kapoor took the initiative to go down to a person’s DM and send his warm regards, to the person, and their family as well.


Latest victim to his online abuse is Twitter user @classicfergie. He tweeted his views on the new Sanju trailer that was released yesterday. What followed was a token of love and gratitude from Rishi Kapoor himself.

Rishi Kapoor abuses people on social media
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This isn’t even the first time Rishi Kapoor has got his hands dirty. He is a serial offender and is known for abusing people who go against him.


Rishi Kapoor abusing on Twitter




Rishi Kapoor abusing people



He doesn’t shy away from abusing people publicly either.

And when someone calls out his obscene behavior, they also get abused in DMs.

Rishi Kapoor abusing people on Twitter

He’s also very famous in Pakistan for abusing people online.



Rishi Kapoor talked about it in an interview. “Main woh karunga, woh likhunga jo mera mann chahega (I will do and say and write whatever my heart tells me to do). I have the freedom of expression. This is a democracy, and I can say what I want to and what I feel,” He told Hindustan Times. “As long as I am not offending someone personally, or I am not agitating against anything that’s a delicate matter, I don’t think that anyone should have a problem with what I say.”

Well, actually, you ARE offending people personally and they have a problem with you. It’s good to see that a lot of people are finally calling it out.

While we can debate whether this public display of affection by Rishi Kapoor counts as freedom of expression or not, we can always keep expecting to see more of it, because well, Twitter is a place to express yourself.

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