If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know that Xiaomi recently launched their latest mild-range phone ‘Redmi Note 5 Pro’.

Redmi note 5 pro fraud sale

Not gonna lie, the phone is so good and affordable that every middle class person is trying to get their hands on it right now. Except there’s a tiny little problem – people can’t actually seem to buy it.

Redmi note 5 pro out of stock

Xiaomi has been selling Redmi Note 5 pro in flash sales on Flipkart and Mi.com every week, but those flash sales don’t even last for a second. You can use all your chrome extensions and scripts, but there’s a solid 99% chance you’re not going to get it. While Xiaomi claims to have sold over 3 lakh phones in each flash sale, but the majority of people are not getting it.

Redmi note 5 pro fraud sale

This is where the plot thickens.

Redmi Note 5 Pro is actually widely available on websites like OLX and Ebay. It’s also easily available in offline markets. But they are selling it at a much higher price.

Redmi note 5 pro fraud sale

I personally went to a few offline stores and they were selling the Note 5 pro 4/64 variant for 16,000 INR.

So, there’s a high probability that Flipkart is selling a large chunk of their stock to phone dealers at a higher price and making a fool out of us.

Redmi note 5 pro out of stock

Flipkart hosted another flash sale for Redmi Note 5 pro today and interestingly, the phone went out of stock 2 minutes before 12 and people on social media are SO pissed.


I understand there’s a high demand for Redmi Note 5 pro and they don’t have enough supply. But then why is it so easily available in offline stores and OLX? why do we have to pay 2k extra for it? they really need to sort this out.

Hopefully Xiaomi will address this issue.