I had managed to catch Thappad, when it hit the theatres but I had to rewatch it for so many reasons when it recently came on Amazon Prime. We are here listing you out the reasons you need to watch it right away.



The plot of the movie was very evident in the trailer and the trailer in itself was “thappad” to so many toxic relationships we were shown onscreen. While we all saw only Tapsee’s story in the trailer, in the movie there are two more parallel stories going on and both are from a different socio-economic and cultural stratum in the society. The plot does slow down a bit after the interval but nevertheless it looked important and the story doesn’t falter in any way. The story is way too well-written with all the inter-related stories getting their own endings.



This movie has a superb cast. From Tapsee Pannu’s character who is not able to forgive her husband to Pavail as the husband with no remorse over his action, they played their parts perfectly. But honestly my favourite character in this movie was of Kumud Sinha who played his part with such ease and perfection. In other commendable roles in this film were the characters played by Ratna Pathak, Dia Mirza, Tanvi Azmi, Geetika Ohlyan, Maya Sarao, Manav Kaul, Naila Grewal, Ankur Rathee and Ram Kapoor. Basically, puura mohalla utha liya lol. But everyone played their parts too well.



There was only one song in this movie and it was beautiful in every sense. It was lyrically perfect and very apt considering the movie is about a woman rethinking her marriage after she gets slapped by her husband on one event. The song starts with the sound of shehnai which is kind of a good metaphor for Indian marriages if you see. Also the song goes “Ek dhaage mein hain uljhein yun, ke bunte bunte khul gaye. Hum the likhe diwaaron pe, barish hui aur dhul gaye”. Touched my heart.



The direction is amazing. Anubhav Sinha has been really proving his cadre since the last 3 movies and I have to say he looks like he is improving with every movie he makes. The direction of this movie nearly inches to perfection as we see every story getting an ending, with absolutely no stone unturned for the audience.



The cinematography in this movie really did not have a chance to showcase itself like we saw in Article 15 but the scenes looked good to the eye. Loved some frames in the movie like when Tapsee is finally having her first conversation about that slap with her husband they show her from within a glass frame which really shows that she feels emotionally caged as a woman suddenly.



“Bas ek thappad, par nahi maar sakta”. The dialogues make this movie what it is. Do listen to each bit of it. They show how Tapsee’s husband is not really out-rightly sexist but makes subtle sexist actions while driving or in the house. The dialogues of Kumud Mishra as Tapsee’s father and Ratna Pathak as Tapsee’s mother are really strong too.


Overall Review:

Please go watch it. It is definitely important to take your brother, father and uncle to the movie but it is as important for your sister, mother and aunt who have learnt only to give up their dreams for their other half. Such movies are so so so important and a movie getting made so well about something so crucial makes it an easy lesson for everyone. This movie will leave you pondering and definitely bring a little change in the way you think.


Please watch yourselves and make as many people you can, watch Thappad.