Konnichiwa to all the weebs and non-weeb readers here. I was introduced to anime 4 years back and have since watched over 150+ anime and a bunch of anime movies. And I’m sick of hearing things like:

“Ye kya CARTOON dekhta rehta hai din bhar??”

“You watch anime all day?? gEt a LiFe Bro0”

“Anime is just dumb SuPerHero stuff” “It’s for kids lol”

Ummmm. Yeah, NO.

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Anime covers a wide range of genres from psychological horrors to science fiction and slice of life. It is not just “superhero” stuff. Maybe get out of that Dragon Ball phase already! And what’s with the “no-lifer” tag attached with someone who watches anime? It’s just a subgenre of visual entertainment, stop stereotyping and judging people for what they watch. I don’t judge you for watching Tarak Mehta. (Or do 1?? :P)

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A+ Emotional Value

The Japanese writers focus a lot on the emotional value of a show. That means there are a bunch of tear-jerker moments, epic sad origin stories and great focus on the bonds between characters (yes Naruto, is my favourite). And I mean, there can’t be anything better than a show that makes you feel a horde of familiar emotions along its progression right??



Anime shows are great at characterisation. I have watched a bunch of live-action shows where at the end, I feel like I don’t even know the Main Character, or I know them passively. In anime, there’s a lot of focus on the character development of the MC and the side characters to a point that you can almost recognise the character with their familiar traits. This makes me relate and bond to the characters more and greatly pique my interest in the show. Pain and Lelouch are some of the best characters I’ve ever seen: one is a villain, the other is an antihero FFS!


The Visuals!

The visuals in anime is usually a class above live-action! There’s a limit to how much CGI and wires can do for a live-action show while anime has no limits. Professional animators can draw nail-biting action sequences and montages with no limits! And there’s nothing like sloppy acting or execution, because the characters do exactly as they are drawn like. Senpai Suggestion: Search for Saitama vs Boros if you haven’t watched an anime and you will understand.

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Background score!!!

Anime has some of the best background scores I’ve ever heard! There’s a kickass opening and a kickass closing theme song that you can jam with. I really love the sad soundtracks of Naruto, and like if you bond with the show enough, you can cry anytime you hear the sad violin (life hacks 101). Some of my favourite artists are, Burnout Syndromes NICO touches the wall and KANA-BOOM. You should definitely check them out.



A lot of people think that anime is merely feel-good stuff or superpowered freaks saving the world. It’s not. There are a great number of good anime themed around psychological issues, science-fiction etc & have a CRAZY AMOUNT OF GORE. Anime like Ergo Proxy and Attack on Titan are banned in 20+ countries because of the crazy amount of gore and fucked up stuff shown. ANIME IS NOT CARTOON AND DEFINITELY NOT JUST FOR KIDS.

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Some of these shows are based on amazing topics that are life-changing experiences for us. Anime is full of great morals & motivational stuff that you can relate to. Anime taught me that even morality is subjective and that truth has unlimited sides to it. The writers of Naruto, Code Geass, Haikyuu etc. are great philosophers putting in some of the best lines you’ve heard & i’ll be sure to include it in the next post.

Until then, keep binging! Sayonara!!