2020 has been a difficult year for literally all of us. Kya kuch nahi jhela humne. Everything that could go wrong, went terribly wrong. I think now the least we all deserve is a thrilling IPL season to make us forget about this crappy year for a while…

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Last memory of Dhoni is too painful tbh. Watching him walk back after run-out in the semifinal match. Really want to see him play again after almost a year! I mean, world cup mei toh nahi dekh payengey ab, but i hope he makes up for it by finishing it off in style for CSK! 🙂


RCB Memes, obv

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Is IPL in IPL without mocking the hopeful RCB fans who get disappointed year after year but STILL hope iss baar chinki bahotehange hogyi hai. Uspe memes dekh ke ke alag hi khushi milti hai xD (Also preparing one more meme folder in case RCB wins cuz the way 2020 is going, kuch bhi ho sakta hai)


Bonding with Dad++

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Indian dads don’t say I love you beta, they say “Aaja match chal raha hai, Dhoni batting kar raha hai” and I think that’s beautiful. Bonding with dad max. And agar mummy bhi saath mei join karle fir toh 10/10 feelzzz


Things we’ll say again after so long

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“Haan yaar but abhi dhoni khada hai, kuch bhi ho sakta hai”

“Dekh liyo, agla match to RCB hi jeetegi”

“Ye Rashid Khan sacchi mei 21 saal ka hai?”

“Pakka Ambani uncle umpire khareede hue hai!”


Gonna relive these moments again

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Russell ki crazy hitting. Pant ke one-handed girte-padte sixes. Tahir ki Bolt celebration. Rashid ke over mei darr ka mahaul. Bumrah ke death overs. Hitman ki century. Dhoni taking DRS. Watson abhi tak out nahi hua?




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Because is saal Delhi Capitals finally jeetegi beating Mumbai Indians in the final. Dekh lena! #Prediction Time

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Also, bas. thak gaye hai. Saare streaming platforms khatam kar diya hai movies and TV series dekh dekh ke last 5 mahine mei. Now friendship over with them.

Disney+ Hotstar VIP is my new best friend.