We are back again with another round of REAL LIFE paranormal experiences and here are some of the spine-chilling stories that the Idiot Fam shared with us and won’t let you sleep alone tonight.

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  • “So this happened last year. I am not allowed to go out at nights drives etc. And last year we got the house to ourselves (me and my cousin) so my cousin used to smokeup everytime and I used to go on drives w my friends. And I am shit scared of darkness and my best friend used to take me to aarey everyday for around a whole week at same time after 2:30/3 in morning. And we used to stand around the hotel which I don’t remember now and as we see it from different angles there we saw someone standing at the terrace like someone’s about to jump but it was something else. And one day me, my best friend, one of his friend and another girl was there. And that girl started giving us some distant looks and acting weird. She then started saying in a distorted voice asking us to leave. So we dropped her at her place she was of very jolly nature) but she didn’t seem to be smiling as we left the place. Later week we again met her and started to notice the behaviour changes and also certain marks on her body like neck legs and hands etc we didn’t ask but then we were picking her up and going to ny place for some house party and then I noticed she couldn’t enter my room in particular because my grandfather had done some pooja and kept a kalash near my bed because was scared so he used to keep that and a knife and a small hanuman chalisa near my bed. She couldn’t enter the room because of that and then later that party as I go to bed I feel someone is holding me on my neck and down and I can not open my eyes. I thought it was sleep paralysis but then it happened continuous even after my parents had returned and my father noticed it because he came in to check on me and he saw a few marks on my neck hands soo he woke me up and next day we saw that kalash was fallen from its place so we took help of some pandits and kept it again as it was and it all stopped but I still have the marks on my neck. And later that week my friend got to know that the girl who was w us in aarey was dead without any such disease or health condition or drinks nothing. She was just found dead like she passed away in sleep and then same things were happening with her roommate so she changed that place.”

– by anonymous


  • “This incident happened in my previous company which I worked for a year ago. It was Feb of 2019 and I used to work in night shifts. My operations department was a huge section for 150 employees around 7000 sq ft) with an entrance door and desks on either sides My desk was on immediate left to the entrance door. My department is a very secure one had 3 layers of security and only someone with that access could enter it. Generally, we would be 5 people only during the night shift. To my bad luck, 2 of my colleagues had taken an emergency leave and 2 decided to work from home. I was compelled to work alone for the night which didn’t seem much of a deal until the following sequence of events. I was all alone and so I switched off all the lights and kept only the one above me running. I dozed off while working only to wake up to the sound of something hitting the floor with a thud. I walked in the direction of the sound to see an action figure from a desk lying down, I picked it and kept on the desk. I knew for sure there was not one human in the office that night. I ignored it and got back to work. At around 3 AM, I heard the sound of someone typing aggressively on a keyboard. The sound became clearer with the silence of the night. I walked towards the sound and it took me to the same desk that the action figure had fallen down from. I tried to blame it on my hallucination and got back to work. Later, I decided to shut my system and decided to take a good nap in the meeting room just beside the keyboard desk. Just 10 mins into it and I could clearly hear the distinct sound of keyboard typing again. As a frequent keyboard in an IT company, I knew one thing for sure that each and every keystroke produces a distinct sound, and hence typing proper sentences sounded different than just random typing anything. I could definitely infer that the keyboard had random strokes and not any articulated sentence. Also, I heard the sound of someone doing the Tok along with the keyboard. I got up terrified and went looking for signs of anyone outside the meeting room only to see the same action figure that I had kept properly lying on the floor again. I didn’t know what it was, I just picked my laptop and came and worked remotely for the night. I never told anyone about this.

– by: @Rohitsakaroji


  • “This happened in January this year. I used to live in my hostel. My room was on the 3rd floor which was the topmost floor above that we had a hostel terrace. At 1.00 AM i went to mess to fill water in my water bottle. When i reached my floor a junior was standing right below the staircase and said that Sir kisik rone ki awaaz aarhi hai terrace se” when i listened there was really a crying noise i was fuckin terrified but i didn’t express my fear in front of my junior. We both went upstairs and saw that a cat was crying ( for those who don’t know about this when a cat cries loudly it sounds like a girl is crying) and the cat was continuously dodging someone. We saw this and there was a sigh of relief and suddenly we noticed that one of our hostel guards who was off duty was sitting in an unusual position on the terrace floor and was watching the cat. We tried to call him but he didn’t listen. So we were going back to my room by the same staircase. Suddenly something clicked me and I realized that the same hostel guard was fixing the water cooler while I was filling the water. There was no way that he could reach the terrace before me because there was no other way to the terrace apart from the staircase by which i went to the terrace. If he went to the terrace I would’ve spotted him. I asked my junior to stand below the staircase. And I went downstairs and found him fixing the same water cooler. We again went to the terrace and searched the entire terrace but we couldn’t find neither the cat nor the guard there. Next day early in the morning we went to confront him. But our mess worker said that he left this job and went to his village in morning 4 AM. We asked the mess worker why he left his job and he said that he came to the hostel drunk late at 2.30 AM last night so the warden fired him. Me and my junior decided that we won’t tell this to anyone in hostel because either they will call us stupid or liars.

– by: anonymous

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  • “So this happened 5 years ago my dad’s aunt (we used to call her aai asshe use to stay with us)had a paralysis attack and fell from the stairs,she was on the bed the whole time. In the month of may on monday shewas taking her last few breaths we were present there except my cousin brother who was on the way 2 home as he heard the news aai was waitingto see him as her breathing was getting heavy my brother arrived outside our house & she took her last breath and closed her eyes & was not able to see him. On the 13 day it said that if the person has something to tell or wants to meet the family member his/her spirit comes in anyone of the member body and meets them just like that aai’s spirit came into one of our aunt body and she was standing outside our home when someone noticed they told our elders that aai has came we told her to come inside the house while she was about to enter she fell down the same way when she had the attack somehow we manage to take her inside and our aunts eyes were closed as it is said that the spirits don’t see through others(idk its true or not but her eyes were close) she (aunt)was imitating the same way aai did when she was alive she was talking to us like we were asking her question and she nodding her head) and then i asked her whether she wants to have her favourite chocolate (kacha aam) she nodded her head as she was not able to speak because of the attack and afterwards when i asked her whether she wants to meet my cousin brother whom she was not able to see she said yes when my brother came in front of her she was so happy and after this all meet one of the old lady sprinkle water over my aunts body and told aai’s spirit to leave the body. This whole incident was a shock for me and my other siblings after all this sometimes at night we use to hear our door bell ring at 12 am the knocking of door and the bangles voice when granny uses to apply lotion to her hands, me and my cousin sister had the same dream where aai was asking us to give her tea (we offered tea beside her photo frame )we had a shanti puja in our house and after that it all stopped.

– by: anonymous


  • “I never and still don’t much believe in ghosts. It was in 2010 when I was preparing for my medical entrance exams. I used to live alone with my mother and used to study all night. In my neighborhood there was a dadi. She used to come in her balcony from where my terrace was visible. She always used to say. “Study study. You will definitely get a seat how’s your mother.. I am making tea for me, would you like it?” (Padho padho milegi seal.mummy kaisi hain. chai piyogi?). She used to come there to give water to tulsi and surya namaskar. In banaras houses in gullies are very close, you can pass on things from balcony and terrace. One day at 4:30 Or 5 AM she was there. And I asked her.. Dad. Wouldnt you give water to tulsi? (Dadi aaj pani nahi degi?). She laughed & said “Nothing matters beta. You studying this much.. Earning money. These rituals. Nothing matters. You would clear the exams. Don’t worry. It’s tough time.it will pass.time passes.it really passes so fast. (As I was very poor financially) (In banarasi she said.. Kuchho matlab naahi kuchho kare ka. Ye pooja path. Ye jo tum itna padh rahi ho.. Paisa rupaya.. Koi matlab nahi ban jaogi doctor chinta mat karo. kathin samay hai. beet jayega.bohot jadi beet jata hai.). She didn’t asked me for tea that day. I don’t know when I fell asleep. I woke up to the voice of crying loudly at 8 AM as dadi passed away in her sleep and her daughter in laws and sons were crying loud, I was numb. After nearly 10 years.. I am a doctor now..surrounded by science everywhere. But still this thing Horrifies me and I still ask myself this question. Was it her after death experience? Nothing matters?

– by: anonymous


  • “This is not a very old story. So my bhabi’s (sister-in-law) grandfather died recently and he was supposed to be a very paranormal kind of person Like talking to ghosts and everything. This was in April 2020 I guess, he used to wake up late at night and talk to I don’t know who. Bhabi’s brothers were used to sleep right outside his room just in case if he needed something but every time they used to wake up his whispers he used to become quiet. Just the day before he was going to die he called bhabi and asked her to write a mobile number and told her to call that number whenever anyone wanted to contact him. As he was sick she wrote it for him and then he said this number is of Rukmini from Udaipur. Just after all this at 1 in the night in his room he was talking to someone saying “You made me wait for so long, where were you, I have to talk something very important and asked that person to sit beside him and to everyone’s concern there was no one in the room and when they tried to listen to what he was talking to that person he became quiet. The other day he died. After everything was done just for a check bhabi dialled the number and it was of Udaipur, (remind you her grandfather never visited Udaipur) someone picked the call and then bhabi asked that she wanted to talk to Rukmini (the same lady he mentioned) to our surprise the person answered Rukmini was our grandmother and she died 4 years ago. Bhabi had chills and everyone in the room as the phone was on speaker. She hung up and didn’t call back that day. After few days her brother called on the same number and it said that this number does not exist and till now if we call no one picks it.”

– by: @Saumya vats


  • “This happened with me 2 weeks ago maybe. My mum had fallen sick and she was negative for Covid-19 we thought it was stress related and me and my sister started sleeping in a different room. It was all handy – dandy the first day however the second day I felt vulnerable. Unfortunately it was also the day when ssr passed away. I had a deep impact due to his passing as well. I remember getting into bed and feeling powerless. Anyways I tuck into bed and I close my eyes to feel some one or something moving I don’t know what it is who it is but it’s moving I freak out and check our room ka door to find its locked. Obviously I felt weird so I started reciting Hanuman Chalisa. But the fear didn’t go away. I was constantly feeling bad and guilty for something I don’t even know. Anyways I get extremely nervous and I decide to sleep in my mum’s room. I was about to close my mum’s room ka door and I legit see someone moving I freak out close the door shut and I am scared for death. It was I think 2 am at night when I decided to get up and use the loo. I turned on my flash light and I was about to turn on the light for the room outside and to my horror I see a completely black figure sitting on the couch right in front of me. My first thought was whether it was a burglar. The thought didn’t get too far in my head when I saw that figure’s eyes completely white I was really shocked and I thought the first correct thing to do was to check whether it’s a spirit or an actual human so I threw my Chappal at the figure to my horror it hit the figure but the figure did not budge even a little bit rather he got up and started coming towards me when I shut the door locked it from inside and was awake till 5 am in the morning. I got up went outside to see if someone was still their I took my Chappal back inside and I was so shit scared! My mom has been telling me recite Hanuman chalisa and I hope nothing of this sort happens in the future

– by: anonymous

  • “So I and my friends used to play a lot in the building. every type of sport, cricket, football, badminton you name it.But whenever we used to play there was an Uncle staying on the ground floor, he used to shout at us so loud that we always would stop playing. Uncle was a heart patient and used to live alone. We called him Mr kaminari from Doraemon. Considering that he was a patient and was alone none of us ever argued with him or anything. Whenever we faced each other we would exchange smiles…. I would wish him asalam walaikum and he would reply with great gesture. It was one time when he shouted so loudly and his condition wasn’t good enough. He was sweating all over and then he closed his window so forcefully that all of us got scared. That night I kept thinking about it and fell asleep. The same night I got this weird dream that I was holding a football in my hand and he was standing there. It was all just white, he came near me and said “ab tumhe koi nhi rokega”. The very next day we came to know he passed away just after shouting at us in the afternoon. When I think about this I feel that there was no one to love him and take care of him.. so even my small gesture made me his favourite that he visited me and blessed me and all my friends…”

– by: @a.y.a.z10

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