Although we’ve had a rocky start with this decade, but if there’s something these heroes teach us, it’s to always push through all the adversity in life, so here is an appreciation post for these unsung heroes of India.


Usha Chaumar


She went on from being a manual scavenger to President of Sulabh International Social Service Organisation. And before you say ye manual scavenging vagerah ab kahan hoti hai yaar. Hoti hai, it might not be happening in the urban areas you live in, but it still happens and to fight these practices we need more people like Usha Chaumar who are brave enough to step Out of their family lineages.


Beena Rao


Just one simple woman changing the life of slum children using education as the tool. There is a TED talk by her available on youtube named “How I changed Slum Children’s Abusive slang to Scientific Jargon” and this kinda sums up how her unique methods of education and her Prayas foundation are just dil se precious.

These people deserve so much appreciation I swear.

Uddhab Bharali



Say hello to Elon Musk of India, he has come up with more than 140 inventions in his life and most of them are not patent bound!!! ngl, his recent invention of air sanitizer made from all-out kinda machine and approved by DRDO, is super impressive. Most of his innovations are just super smart desi jugaads made for the greater good.

Mansukh Lal Prajapati


His story is what I needed to read to jagao that keeda of innovation in me. He runs a project named “Mitticool’ and it is all about using clay products for day to day appliances. He made a clay refrigerator which can run without electricity!!!

Mitticool is kaafi cool.

Samit & Priya Choksi


This Mumbai based “power” couple co-founded a company named Thinkphi which aims to build products that can sustainably conserve and use water, energy and waste. Their indigenous product Ulta Chaata is smartly built for rainwater harvesting and doubles up as a solar power device also. Also with its sustainable setup, they say that “the Chaata pays for itself in four years”.

Dr. Tessy Thomas


Aka Missile woman of India and Agni Putri, she is the first woman in India to lead any missile mission. She is a leading expert in ballistic missiles and was the Project Director for DRDO’s Agni IV and V missiles. Very Mission Missile movie kinda vibes.


Arvind Gupta


Always thought that science ki book mei diye experiments are just so extra. But then came across his story only to find he has won so many awards for making toys out of waste material and all this goes for a good cause. His book “Matchstick Models and other Science Experiments” has sold more than half a million copies. Just visit his website once and awe at this Creativity maxx!!!


Sindhutai Sapkal

Known as “Mother of Orphans”, her story hit me with so many emotions at once. Her husband and maternal family both left her when she got pregnant for many reasons. She didn’t want people to meet with similar ill-fate so she went on to adopting and nurturing over 1200 orphaned children. She started many Ashrams after going door to door for collecting money, and now her daughter and the adopted children run orphanages of their own. 🙂


Daripalli Ramaiah


After being labelled as a mentally unstable man by the villagers for carrying around sapling on his bicycle and seeds in his pocket all the time, he was awarded Padma Shri for planting MORE THAN 10 MILLION SAPLINGS!!!

Also, when he travels, he sports a board around his neck like a scarf with the slogan: “Vriksho Rakshati Rakshitaha” (Save trees, it will save you). Listen to this uncle yall!


The decade has just started and it’s time to march into the future together with confidence and determination.

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