Full Trailer Of That’s So Raven Sequel Is Finally Here & We’re Psyched AF

After a lousy teaser, Disney has finally dropped a full trailer of That’s So Raven spin-off series Raven’s Home and it will definitely remind you of the good old Disney days.



Raven Baxter was one of the funniest characters growing up and now she’s coming back for a sequel. If you were lucky enough to watch Disney channel in the golden era of Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven, Suit Of Zack n Cody, you’d be just as psyched about Raven’s Home as we all are.


Raven is a mom now and she has two kids but she’s just as hilarious and over-dramatic


And Chelsea also has a kid now, and they both live together.


Also, is it just me or Booker is like Cory Baxter?


The show will premiere on July 21st and I still can’t believe we’re gonna see Raven again. HYPE LEVEL = MAX.

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