The other night I had to choose between either watching infamous Sadak 2 or Ramsingh Charlie, and being a normal functioning human I am, I chose the latter. As it turns out, I think I haven’t made a decision this good since I blocked my ex.




Ramsingh (Kumud Mishra) is a passionate Charlie Chaplin impersonator at a local circus. But living in a world where simple joys of circus have been replaced by phone and internet, it’s a dying art. The owner shuts down the circus and just like that, for the first time, he’s forced to enter the larger, actual circus – the outside world.

And somewhere between struggling to make ends meet for his family, he loses his heart and dreams. it’s a tragic, yet feel-good story of not giving up on your dreams no matter how stupid or chhotu it seems to other privileged people. It’s about embracing failure and moving on.



What I liked the most

Kumud Mishra is the CEO and co-founder @ acting in this film! After being in the industry for decades and playing so many iconic secondary characters, he finally got his first ever lead role and he breathes life into that character! Incredible stuff ngl.

Especially that one scene where he sits with Charlie and speaks his heart out. Beautifully done! (also a fact: he lost 24 kgs to play this role!)



What I didn’t like

But tbh, the last 15 mins had me a little “errr ummm???!!” Just when you think it’s going towards a cliched acting, it takes a sharp turn. I still don’t know how I feel about the ending but it sure as hell made me cry. And there’s a certain character arc that I didn’t like. You’ll know !




Divya Dutta doesn’t have much to do, but she makes an impact anyway! Her eyes do so much talking in some scenes, that you’ll be in awe. The character of Shahjehan, played by Farrukh Seyer, provides the much needed comic relief in this emotional drama. His quirky jibes and one liners about being royal will have you laughing 🙂




In today’s time, it’s a blessing when a film gets you hooked in under 10 mins. And it does so very smartly. The runtime is short and crisp, there’s not a moment that makes you want to tap the touchpad to check kitni bachi hai or think “the office hi phirse dekhlu?

(ok maybe a few times cuz attention span bahut chhota hai mera)




I think the biggest challenge for any movie is to make you give a shit about the characters. If they can make you care and invest emotionally, they already have your heart. It does so extremely well, thanks to a+ acting and VERY well written dialogues.

Like whenever somebody said to him “acha, toh tum joker ho?” IT ACTUALLY HURTS YOU. Props actors and writers.



Should you watch it ? 

Absolutely. Every character is flawed in their own ways and it’s not very often you see that being portrayed in Bollywood films. I just think it could have been done better. In times when almost every other film is either a biopic, crime-thriller, full of blood, guns, violence and sex, this is a movie that you can watch with family this weekend. Definitely with dad.

It is streaming now on SonyLIV, dekhlo. I promise feels. :))