I remember when my parents used to tell me tales from their childhood on how each weekend all streets would get empty all over the country because Ramayan was getting telecast on DoorDarshan. Now, that we got a similar opportunity, here are a few reasons why we absolutely agree with our parents.


Lockdown has been hard on all of us, and it’s a reflex to turn to watching something for entertainment; so it didn’t come across as a surprise when Netflix subscribers shot up and viewership just sky rocketed. But, there is one unsung hero that played a masterstroke, doordarshan it is.



Doordarshan decided to broadcast Ramayan after 33 years, it was a pretty safe bet to play, right? I mean who doesn’t love Ram and Sita Ji.


Everyone’s parents rushed their children to watch it after all, parampara pratistha anushasan etc. So, when my 5-year-old sister pointed to some in-significant character and explained every bit to me. I was sure that it’s taken off.



Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, after 33 years of its release, still managed to rule the Indian Television and no surprises here but it is now the most watched show in the WORLD. Doordarshan put out a tweet; around 7.7 crore people watched it o the 16th of April.


So, Friends GOT and every other show is crying in a corner abhi. Because wohoo, Ram Ji is the old and new cool with 77mn viewers. If your parents/grandparents/sister let you hover around the remote during Ramayan give me tips plis.


Ramayan ka IMDb pe rating bhi 9.3 hai. You know which other shows have 9.3? Game of Thrones and Cosmos. Yes, it stands right there. And aisa bhi nahi ki last season mein jaake kachda karde puure story ka. If you know what we mean lol.


If you missed the DoorDarshan telecast, you better download it and binge through it with your parents.