Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, Air Chief M arshal RKS Bhadauria, Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar are attending the ceremony according to the latest updates. Also, the Chief Marshal stated that the arrival of the jets coincided with the ongoing India-China border tensions located in Ladakh, which is an advantage.


About the Rafales-

  • They are known as the 4.5 generation aircrafts.
  • Basically it is considered to be one of the most finest fighters in the world and is described as an ‘omnirole’ aircraft.
  • It can take up several missions on a single flight. 


How Rafale will add to the strength to the IAF?

  • It is the most advanced technology: They are armed with ‘Meteor’ air-to-air missiles and ‘Scalp’ air-to-ground cruise missiles including many other armaments.
  • They are combat proven: Meanwhile, when there are 30,000 flight hours in operations, it has proven its worth during the combat against Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Iraq and Syria.
  • IAF’s lack of long-range weapons over: Approximately, now after two decades, of wait the rafale will give them the decisive edge with better sensors and weapons.
  • The Edge over rivals: The Rafale fighters would be able to outgun and outrun everybody against them or teams they fight against. Also, it’ll give an edge over the two rivals, namely, Pakistan and China.
  • Air superiority: The 4.5 generation rafale can reach almost double the speed of sound and can reach a top speed of around 1.8 Mach.
  • It has multi role capabilities i.e., electronic welfare, air defence, ground support and in-depth strikes, the Rafale lends air superiority to the IAF.
  • Can avoid being tracked by enemies: As it’s having a range in between 780-1055 km compared to the usual 400-550 km of the Su 30 MKI. Which means, now India would be able to track down the Pakistani aircraft from a very large distance.
  • All-weather capability: The specialty of the meteor is that it can provide all kinds of weather capability to engage a wide variety of targets.

Starting from the first stage of the flight which covered a distance of 5,800 km from Merignac to Al Dhafra (UAE) to the second covered over 2,700 km from Al Dhafra to Ambala, wholly it covered a distance of nearly 8,500 km from France to India.


Induction ceremony latest updates from IAF-

  • The IAF has ensured the delivery of the remaining 31 rafales. They also stated during the post- covid world the partnership would be crucial.
  • Also added to that it’s just not the Indian border responsibilities, but they also look into the Indo-Pacific and the Indian Ocean Region.
  • The defence minister stated that the speed of the IAF deployed all its assets, they are fully prepared to fulfil any operational obligations.
  • Rajnath Singh stated that, the Rafale Induction is a historic occasion and represents close India French ties.


The highlights include-

  • The Indian Air Force will be formally inducting five Rafale fighter aircraft into its 17 Squadron, the ‘Golden Arrows’, at the Ambala airbase in Haryana, today.
  • The 5 jets arrived at Ambala on 29th of July and the IAF had stated that, at the earliest all efforts are focused on operationalisation of the aircraft.

 The Rafales will be providing numerous advantages as mentioned. A moment of pride for us and appreciation for the Indian Air Force for coming up with this successfully.