In the course of 10 seasons of Friends, Rachel Green’s character came a long way from being rich daddy’s little girl with no direction in life to being an independent and successful woman. Sure, the “real world” sucked, but she totally loved it. And if you’re a Friends fan, I won’t be surprised if your favorite character is either Chandler or Joey, but you can’t just not love and appreciate Rachel.

In honor of Jennifer Aniston’s 49th birthday, we have decided to compile Rachel’s most hilarious, savage and relatable moments:


1. When her expression was priceless.


2. Live for her witty comebacks.


3. Other times she was just hilariously adorable.


4. When she sassed “doctor” Geller.


5. When she beat Ross at his own game. Unagi.


6. Not her sister, Joey.

7. Boy, she really hated Joey’s How You Doin’


8. When Rachel had a Joey moment.


9. So savage someone put her back into the wild


10. When she was too awkward in front of her crush. Too damn relatable.


11. When she gave us all the feels.


12. When she finally became financially independent.

13. Sarcasm level: chandler


14. Can’t mess with her, can ya.


15. When she summed up adulthood.


16. When they were deciding their baby’s name.


17. When she schrödingered him. Except she sorta didn’t.


18. When everyone related to her on a spiritual level.

19. Her sass game is so on point.


20. The one with poker.


21. When she gave up on making decisions.



22. And we thought only Chandler was sarcastic.


23. When she spoke up for all women.

24. When she was ALL OF US

25. And when she got off the plane.


Happy birthday, Jennifer Aniston.


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