Salman Khan’s latest movie Race 3 is a three hour long cinematic torture; an ensemble of people who can’t act, doing things that make no sense, directed by a choreographer, delivering dialogues that an eight-year-old could write. What I’m trying to say is that Race 3 is a walking disaster.

Forget the critics, even diehard bhai fans couldn’t watch it.

However, Race 3 is taking the Indian box office by a storm. Not only did the movie break the record to become the highest Bollywood opening of 2018, but now, as Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh reports, it has earned over 100 crores in its first weekend. That’s right, Race 3 has entered the 100 crore club in just // THREE DAYS //.

Race 3 is bhai’s fourth film to earn over 100 crore in three days, after Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai.

Race 3 collections

People often complain about the quality of Bollywood movies. “Why can’t Bollywood make quality movies like Hollywood,” they ask.

Well, to be honest, why should they invest so much time, effort and money in well thought out quality projects when they can just hire an eight-year-old to write their script and have a shirtless bhai jerk off his stardom on the big screen with his diarrhea induced expressions to earn them over 100 crores in just three days. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Race 3 meme

Meanwhile, movies that deserve monetary appreciation don’t even earn quarter of what movies like Race 3 earn on their first weekend. To give you a perspective, Newton earned 19 crores in its lifetime.

But I understand, more often that not, critically acclaimed movies have no commercial value. But let’s look at a more recent example with commercial value. Raazi, starring Alia Bhatt in lead role, had great audience hype. It also received excellent response from the critics. And yet, it barely earned 100 crores in its lifetime. It’s unfair and sad.

The day we stop throwing our money mindlessly at movies like Race 3, it’s the day they start putting effort into these movies. #MakeIndianCinemaGreatAgain

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