With the world moving towards a new and better education system everyday, here are some of the qualities that we wish our professors could have and make the whole experience more memorable than ever.

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Always open to learning

You know how you try to bring something new to class discussion; maybe a new opinion or perspective or idea but the professor completely brushes you off just because it doesn’t align with their line of thinking or scope of syllabus?

Professors should realize sometimes even they can be unaware about something, and if they are open to accept it and learn with the class, the respect instantly goes ++.


Has practical knowledge

Honestly, having theoretical knowledge is great & all, but class hits different when the professor has actual industry experience in the subject they are teaching about. It’s SO MUCH BETTER if students learn the practical application of what they are learning in the moment they are learning.

Also because they teach with so much passion from real experience, it radiates. Nothing is greater than a professor who’s passionate about teaching what they have learned!


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Up to date with the world

It gets really annoying when the teachers expect us to go all old school and study the way they used to. We now have abundance of technology and I wouldn’t want a professor who is still adamant about ;earning the old school way. We’re living in 2020.

Modern problems require modern professors.


Teaches with examples

Again, if they have real world experience, they teach you with their authentic stories and practical examples on how knowledge can be actually applied in real world scenarios, which obviously makes the class 100x interesting and relevant.


Understands you have a life

No, really. A professor who understands we have multiple classes and other work things and we’re not in a school anymore, so they don’t actually pile on you with assignments just because oho college ki fees li hai, kuch na kuch toh karwana padega inse to give the illusion hum padha rahe hai. Unnecessary workload ki zarurat nahi hai.


Doesn’t read off PPTs

You’d be so surprised to know just how many professors out there are winging it by reading  word-to-word off PPTs in class. When professors actually know shiz, it shows.


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Good Listener

Talking is a very very important skill while teaching, but so is listening. Class hits different when the teacher actually seems interested in what you have to say. Professors who are good listeners are PRECIOUS.


Kind to students

Some people are masters and experts in their field, but all that knowledge comes to no use if they aren’t kind to students.

The professors who don’t just superficially point out our mistakes but also give constructive feedback considering hum bhi insaan hain with full emotions and feelings, get all the RESPECT.


Makes education a memorable experience

Gone should be the days where the teacher just comes, performs a monologue and goes. Real education is imparted only in a classroom where the Professor is able to engage students with humor, creative lessons, real life activities, discussions, debates and stories.

Agar sirf lecture hi lena tha woh toh youtube pe bhi le sakte the.


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A professor with all of these qualities sounds like a dream, right?

Well not all, but if our professors had even a few of these qualities, how outstanding would the education experience turn out to be. Check out Masters’ Union B-school where all the top CEOs and MDs will be teaching!