The makers of the PUBG game (PUBG corporation), have finally planned on taking away the Indian Franchise from Chinese company Tencent.



What is Tencent?

It is a Chinese multinational technology founded in 1998. It varies all over from internet related services, including in entertainment, artificial intelligence and any other technology.

When and why did this happen?

  • In a statement, on their official page they said earlier today that they hope to work with the Indian government to find a legitimate solution to this problem.
  • This update happens after the ban of 118 apps along with PUBG over the last few weeks because private data of the users were being collected illegally by the Chinese varied agencies.
  •  The move also mainly came along due to the controversies between India and China along the LAC.
  • It’ll be back in India and the fans will drop into the battleground only when it fits right into the Indian laws and regulations.

PUBG Corporation has promised-

  • That it’ll never be authorized to the Tencent games ever again.
  • Moving forward, they would take up all the publishing responsibilities in the country.
  • As it explores, its way into the future, it is wholly sustained to a localized and healthy game play environment for all the Indians.
  • Also committing to their ‘unique battle’ royale experience to a global audience.
  • They are trying their best to engage their community in India through a variety of region-based activities, including sports and many other community events.
  • They understands and respect all the measures taken by the government as the privacy and security of player data is a top priority for the company, and this would be a priority in the future as well.


After huge controversies the press has released a statement that, PUBG has stated that it isn’t a ‘Chinese entity’, and has just franchised PUBG mobile to Tencent just as a publisher.

But now, the partnership is no longer in existence the game could actually make a comeback, only if given that the Indian Government gives it a green signal so as to proceed.

And this has got the twitter busy


Eventually, PUBG Corp may get in touch with the Indian government so as to lift the ban since the Chinese company is no longer handling it. May be, if the stars align, we will get to see the rise of the plants of PUBG once againe.