Apne andar ke botanist ko phatt ke baahar aane do, and try to plant some of these in your house to fill it with more good vibes and also make it a more easier.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is literally that all rounder kid jisko sports bhi karna hota hai, aur annual function mein dance bhi and then report card mein A+ bhi. Have pimples? Aloe Vera laga lo. Have Dandruff, Aloe Vera. Got a sprain? Aloe Vera. Got a cold? Guess what? Aloe. Bloody. Vera.

aloe vera plant
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Agar dhaniya aur pudina mein fark karte karte aapne bhi kabhi existential crisis jhela hai, toh this is the first plant you’ll pot! Not only will it make your dhaniya pudina majduri easier, fresh mint tastes amazing as a part of several drinks!!!

mint plant
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Lemon Grass

This is that one fufa ji jo jitne touchy hote hain, utne hi mazedaar. My personal favourite, lemongrass smell absolutely heavenly so you’ll have to resist the urge to keep picking off its leaves and smelling them. This plant will give your food an instant masterchef waali feel, use t for taste AND garnish. This plant requires a little more love and care, but let’s face it, ab toh ek taraf pyar ki aadat hai.

lemon grass plant
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Lavender has absolutely beautiful purple flowers and helps in good peaceful night’s sleep. A must have in 2020,I guess?

lavender at home
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Kadi Pata

Kisi bhi Indian dish ko instant spice up karne ke liye, all you need is some bits of curry patta. Aur kuch ho na ho, it’ll ensure your kitchen smells like the maa ke haath ka khana you crave so much!

kadi patra plant
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Basically kadi pate ka America settled bhai. Basil is low maintenance and in typical gira mentality, if you put it in one plant, it’ll try and colonize others too. Use it to instantly add that Italiano twist to any dish; especially delicious in pasta and pizza! (also maggi, shush. i said what I said)

mint plant
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In terms of usefulness, neem is like Aloe Vera ki behen. If you have a taste for bitterness, datun is an age old ghar ka nuska, apart from using the leaves to ward off insects ya grinding them for skin and hair!

neem plants
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And lastly Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, impress your mom and dad with tulsi ka podha taaki roz subah aapke muh par Paani daalne ki bajaye woh tulsi mein daalein. Double benefit, Tulsi extract apparently helps in anxiety, so pop a leaf everytime you have to attend a phone call lulz.

tulsi plant
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Plant are selfless companions, in return of little bit of care they give a lot of love. Start with planting just these basic ones and you will see the hope they bring in you life.