I think we can all just agree that ‘Pizza is love, Pizza is life.’

joey we like pizza

But this lady police sub-inspector, Sumitra Devi, in Uttar Pradesh took the love for pizza a little too far. As per a report by TOI, when a restaurant owner, Rohit Berry, went to Hazratganj Police Station to file a complaint against an unknown man who did not pay 7000 INR for the food in the restaurant. The lady sub-inspector filed an FIR alright, but she asked the owner to bring her free Pizza and chilli chicken when he comes again to take the copy of the FIR.

lady police sub inspector asks for pizza

“She asked us to bring food and take our FIR copy. We supplied the order but they returned it and paid us after the incident went viral on social media,” said the owner of the restaurant Rohit Berry.

Social media post went viral and got the attention of higher authority and now they have suspended the police sub-inspector.

Really just glad she didn’t say “Deliver pizza in 30 mins or no FIR.