Single life is always looked don upon, but there are some perks of being single and you should definitely live them all to the fullest.



  • Your time is your time, & nobody else’s time. Kisi ko text nahi karna raat ko, kisi ko call nahi karna. Ye time tumhara hai, aur is time ke tum jaykant shikre. Invest it in learning new things, upgrading your skills, gaining a new perspective, achieving your goals. Bachpan mei kitna kuch karne ka sochte the tum. Karo na phir. Blessing hai bro ye character development phase.


  • You don’t have to shave or even try to put in any effort into yours looks or sell your kidney to buy makeup, because:
  1. You look amazing aise hi
  2. Your dog thinks you look amazing aise hi
  3. Guys in your ‘others’ tab think you look amazing aise hi

Aur validation chahiye hi nahi.


  • Very underrated one, but you don’t have to get up and go out to the terrace or your room to talk to your partner. Cuz everyone in your house knows you’re shudh single & talking to your wohi ek best friend jisko call karne ke ilawa koi kaam nahi hai, toh tum mast living room ke sofa pe ulta let ke baat kar sakte ho. Comfort bhi, time pass bhi


  • Flirting. So much flirting. Jiske sath marzi flirting. Jab tak man kare, tab tak flirting. Woh bhi without any consequences. or the fear of getting caught and having to explain your “friendly banter” to someone. A little harmless, innocent flirting hurt no one. It’s you setting the field and getting used to the ground before someone walks in for the ‘long run


  • I don’t know about you, but the fun of knowing that you always have a new first with a potentially new person waiting for you. That a new adventure is just around the corner, or a swipe away, The thrill.. of it all. The excitement. The whole getting to know each other phase. “Do they like me or do they not like me?” The humdrum of “are they the one?” Is it a waste of time” “do they like himym ka ending-” is funnnn, & a good time pass. For both you and your best friend


  • Netflix and Chill. Literally, just Netflix and chillI. Back to back episodes of money heist or Gilmore girls, and no one to judge you for your choice of movies. You don’t have to wait for the two of you to get together so you can sit sath mei and finish the season together. Nahi karna mujhe wait. Kyun karu mai wait? Aisa kya hai wait karne mei? jis din release hoga mujhe toh usi din dekhna hai. Bas, baat khatam.


  • Apne birthday pe kam stress hota hai jo ab dusre ke birthday ko special banana ka bhi stress le? Nahi hoga bhai mujhse, waise bhi dates nahi yaad rehti mujhe. Apna birthday yaad hai, kafi hai.


  • So what if you don’t have anyone to do all the cute couple stuff thingie with & go on all the couples rides with in an amusement park? iss time toh waise bhi sabka ghar Jurassic park bana hua hai. And you should be glad anyway, cuz life ke vaise bhi lage hue hai, why do you want to ride on another emotional roller coaster right now?


So don’t worry if you’re single, or have been so all your life and are worried if you’ll ever find someone, you will. Pakka. Until then, you can be that someone for yourself. Also, jab tak tumhe hi nahi pata hoga tumhe kya chahiye, toh tum aage waale se kaise mangoge.

So work on yourself, find what you want and who you want in your life, and only accept the love your best friend thinks you deserve (kyon ki tumhari expectations kaafi chomu hai, dekh liya hai meine).