In this new trending season of apps vs. apps, Google has pulled popular Indian financial services app Paytm from the Play Store today for violating its gambling policies.

Here, violating its gambling policies refer to that users were allowed to play online games, which basically facilitated sports betting. This is the first time in history that the Paytm’s main app has been taken off the play store while the other apps i.e., Paytm money; merchant app, Paytm for Business; movie ticketing application, Paytm Insider, would be present as they do not facilitate any violation.


Why is it regarded as a violation?

Google on its blog stated that they do not allow online casinos or support any unregulated gambling apps which includes betting or anything related to that. 

Therefore, this includes that if any app leads the user as a customer to an external website that allows them or leads them to participate in paid tournaments to win any amount of capital or cash prizes, it is a violation of their policies. This policy is hence developed to protect the users from any kind of harm. Google India added to that saying, when any such kinds of apps develop features which harms the society they tend to remove it.


What did Paytm say about this issue?

While the controversy is going on since today morning, the leading founder of Paytm, Vijay Shekhar Sharma comes back with a tweet saying that the money of all the customers is perfectly safe on the app.

He added to that saying it is temporarily unavailable and would be back soon as it’s gone down for more updates to make it user friendly.

 But this has got twitteraties busy for today

This ban is a huge blow especially now because the IPL starts from tomorrow and Paytm’s First Games was hoping to cash in on this cricketing event. As they had aimed at their 100 million users for all the 200 live events for the 6 months starting from now.