Disney+Hotstar released it’s new family drama comedy, Pariwar and along with capturing all the hilarious moments from every Indian family, it also has a caste loaded with talent and here’s an appreciation for these OG’s of Indian cinema and web series!

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Ranvir Shorey (as Shishupal Narayan)

in photo Ranvir Shorey (as Shishupal Narayan) from the tv show pariwar
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Ranvir Shorey has always been the off-beat king of Bollywood movies, his movie choices & roles have been unique & amazing from the start. And what performance skills this man has with a range of ‘Singh Is Kinng’ & ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’ to ‘Death In Gunj’ & Titli’- he literally aces all genres!!! And tbh his presence lights up the screen.


Gajraj Rao (as Kashiram Narayan)

in photo Gajraj Rao (as Kashiram Narayan) from the tv show pariwar
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Who didn’t love him as the sweet & poetic father Kaushik in Badhaai Ho? Gajraj Rao has genuinely become one of the senior actors whose work everyone looks forward to, especially with his dad roles cuz he legit nails ’em perfectly & we all relate hard to his characters such is his acting charisma. His comic timing is so spot on & especially his last few films and the smol role as Nawab in Tripling S2 had our heart.


Abhishek Banerjee (as Munna)

in photoAbhishek Banerjee (as Munna) from the tv show pariwar
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Y’all got enthralled by Abhishek from his performance as Hathoda Tyagi but he has always been a amazing actor!!! From his ‘Pitchers’ days & then onto Mirzapur & Stree- he has been like paani mein namak, fits in whatever role you give & delivers Pa is top tier acting. He the new OTT king ngl.


Vijay Raaz (as Gangaram Tripathi)

in photo Vijay Raaz (as Gangaram Tripathi) from the tv show pariwar
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He is the best. Simply best. Vijay Raaz is the OG of movies and he time & again proves it!!! His career span & range of movies & roles is something out of this world & he nails all of them perfectly- those iconic scenes from Delhi Belly, Gully Boy, Dream Girl etc. have us stumped everytime! And ofc the Kauwa Biryani scene always has in split :p


Nidhi Singh (as Guddan)

in photo Nidhi Singh (as Guddan) from the tv show pariwar
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Ofc we all loved Tanya from “Permanent Roommates’ and Nidhi had us all in love w her by being her sassy & cool self in it. She is one new gen actor who has taken some real good projects & her acting is super amazing! Also she so cute & bubbly, her energy is magnetic <3


Kumar Varun (as Babloo)

in photo Kumar Varun (as Babloo) from the tv show pariwar
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Kumar Varun is definitely one of India’s best comedian and even his writings for shows etc. are highly appreciated. Having done small acting stint w shows like Better life Foundation Chacha Vidhayak Hal Humare- we all are fans of his comic timing and definitely look forward to more of crazy, amazing self. Baaki his standups are literally ROFL worthy always.


Sadiya Siddiqui (as Anju)

in photo Sadiya Siddiqui (as Anju) from the tv show pariwar
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A very popular face in Indian Television shows, Sadiya is someone who made it big everywhere!!! Shows like Sasural Genda Phool & Ballika adhu made her as household H name cuz of her versatile Pa expressions & acting!


Anurita Jha (as Majnu)

in photo Anurita Jha (as Majnu) from the tv show pariwar
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Debuted w the bang in Bollywood w “Gangs Of Wasseypur” and then went on to Bharat & shows like Ashram, Anurita has always banked on & given stellar performances even w smaller roles. She is so fiery & such a sublime actress that you can’t take eyes off her.


Yashpal Sharma (as Mahipal Narayan)

in photo Yashpal Sharma (as Mahipal Narayan) from the tv show pariwar
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So many movies of his, a goodie bag of talent w his comic timing as well villain ish roles-Yashpal has a fan in so many of us. With Lagaan, Gangajal & so many gems boast off next to his name, the self acknowledges how he strives everyday to become a better actor & give more quality cinema- we stan :”)


This wholesomely hilarious family show is now streaming on Disney+Hotstar. Get binging today with your pariwar.