Last, we asked people to add more to the series of #saturdayhorrornight and here are some more REAL LIFE paranormal experiences that you are advised to read on your own risk.


Because Shhh fir koi hai…..

  • I was around 8 to 9 years old when I went to grandma’s house. I made a new friend there. I used to go at her place to play with her. Her mother liked my long hair and always admired me. One evening I was sitting in my balcony and I saw my friend standing on the road and crying. I went there and she told me that an accident took place in her kitchen and her mother completely burnt herself in that. She made me look at her mother’s burnt body and then her father moved to the hospital. When I came back home, I had high fever. I was vomiting and faint eventually. I was moved to the same hospital where my friend’s mother was shifted. The same night I felt the urge to go washroom. I saw my mom was sleeping on the couch. I tried not to disturb her sleep and walked by myself to the washroom. I couldn’t move properly. Next moment I saw my friend’s mother holding me and she took me to washroom then back to my ward. Next morning I asked my mother about aunty and told her how she helped me last night. My mother was shocked when I told her this. She said aunty died the same day she was admitted in hospital. But she was still looking at me from the window and smiling. I never saw her again but still this incident horrifies shit out of me.


  • This was quite long ago but it traumatised me for the rest of my life fs. I don’t remember the age but I was very little more like 6 years old.ghar pe meri didi (cousin) aayi hui thi ghar pe uss time AC nhi tha sirf drawing room mein there was a cooler. It was summer days so all of us spread a gadda(quilt) on the floor and decided to sleep there for the night. Suddenly I woke up in the middle of the night… I remember I had no distinct uneasy feeling as people usually have before such experiences. All I could hear was the faint sounds of someone playing a flute from the bathroom…I remember very clearly that it was the sound of a flute…I rubbed my eyes…tried to listen more carefully to make sure, and yes I could hear the sound of the flute very very distinctly. I didn’t wake anyone up but I closed my eyes tight.hugged my father…and went off to sleep thinking that I was dreaming….you would think the story ends here but no. I had forgotten about that incident but deep down I was always disturbed whenever thought about it… so 5 years ago me and that didi who came there were talking.and all of a sudden she said ki ek baat bataye.daraane ke liye nhi bol rhi bas aese hee bol rhi hai…pata hai didi(her own sibling) ek baar tumlog ke ghar gaye yhi aur unko bathroom se flute bajane ka awaaz aaya se didi tumlog ke ghar rehna pasand nhi krti hai..I was sooo terrified because jis din mere saath woh incident hua uss din unki didi ghar pe nahi aayi thi. She also told me ki dadi told her that my dadaji was a flute player( ps. he had died even before my parents got married) it still scares the shit out of me and believe me or not.I am literally crying out of fear..


  • It happened 8-9 years ago.and I was like 12 years old…I have an elder sister and she is so brilliant in academics…at that time she just completed her high-school and got passed with highest grade ..she was Jolly and cheerful girl…One night me and my sister and my mom were sleeping in the same room..I don’t know what exactly time was…but I was in my deep sleep and all of a sudden I heard a loud noise of something falling and hitting the floor …I woke up in a second.and everything in the room was quite black and silent I got terrified so I tried to wake my sister sleeping beside my bed …but I couldn’t… all the attempt eventually failed couldn’t even make a movement it was like someone resisting me to move…only fan was rattling and making sound….thought that maybe I perplexed or maybe it was my dream… so I tried to sleep again…but then again in the very next minute something dropped and broke and I heard sound of a women running towards my front door…wearing some type of Jewelry on her foot…because it was making some strange sound which I never heard..I stood up and switch on the lights…what I saw was just unbelievable two things were on the ground and on the very different directions .like someone intentionally threw them on the thing was our ancestral clock… and the other thing was Murti of lord Ganesha….it was like thrown to end our good times…and from the next day my sister got huge depression… her condition got worsened days after days… she almost become stone…she don’t even move…cries whole days …sometimes she get up in the midnight and start walking for no reason without speaking anything… she had to drop school for a year… we followed many doctors and many medical routine…we followed old school to0…we called many priest and pujaari but no one could find reason behind it…but after an year we got to know about well known baba…my parents took her and visited him.. he told that my sister was cursed by some vodoo(black magic) shit…when we inquired more then he told us that she got in this due to one of her friend her friend make her drank some poisoned tea..he told us that magic is so strong that it could effect her whole life.. and told that the night when I experienced that horrible incident was the first day when it all started…that was most horrible year of my life, which I pray to not happen with anyone else.


  • It happened 5 years ago. It was summer holidays and I was with my joint family at a semi-urban small town. We stayed for a few days there until, my maternal uncle (mausa ji) came there to take my mum to her sister house. She lived nearby in a small town near the mountains. Another of my paternal aunt also joined me and mum to that place, a weekend away in the mountain seemed cheerful. Father and my elder brother stayed. When we reached, I saw a big haveli, with numerous uninhabited rooms. It was just mausa and mausi ji living, taking up only one rooms for themselves. There were 10 empty rooms. My mum slept with her sister that first night. Mausa ji in another room and my paternal aunt in another, and me myself alone in another. I was terrified to sleep alone, but I also didn’t want to let anyone know that I am scared. After some difficulty I managed to sleep, and I had a dream. I remember it carefully. In the dream, I saw a cemetery (kabristan), and there was a “kabra”, from which sounds of crying were coming from. I was standing there in that kabristan, and I could literally hear the crying. Then suddenly the dream changed in a flash, and now I saw only human bones, specially skull lying on the floor,and a dargah nearby, I went into that dargah, and I saw a old man, I asked him who he was, “abdul” he replied. I had the most philosophical talk with him in the dream. He talked about pain, death, god, religion and all. He looked sad but, as if asking me for help. I suddenly woke up. It was dawn now, I woke up and sat in the verandah. My family were early riser, they were all awake. After brushing and bathing, my mausaji took me for a stroll in the village. It was a beautiful garden. I froze when I saw a “kabra with the headstone reading the name “abdul raza khan” just behind the haveli, and the same dargah with green walls nearby, although now not really in proper maintenance. I was sacred to death, it was literally the same place. I went inside the dargah and I could see the place I sat on with him in the dream. I ran from there. After some days I came to know that he was the keeper of the dargah some years back, and was killed by his sons for the property, and then we was buried there. To this day. I think about it, and maybe his soul didn’t get rest, that’s why he was crying. He was a good man, and I hope he is in a good place now.


  • So this incident happened when I was 10 years old and I remember the incident as it took place yesterday…my family (a joint-family) and I had gone to my paternal grandfather’s village for the annual mela ( village fair/fete) in honour of Goddess Durga which was organised by my grandfather till he was alive (he was murdered on gun-point), after his death my paternal grandmother took charge of it. Everything was going well and like every year we went to the temple, my grandmother conducted the rituals and after that we went to the house where my grandparents lived before they moved to the town the house has now been converted to our farmhouse ) to conduct the other rituals. While my grandmother and my family was busy in the rituals I along with my elder sister went and sat on the stools, and suddenly I felt someone had entered inside me. I stood up and walked to a house which was just in front of my grandparents house and was staring at the wall… suddenly I started talking to the wall in a gibberish language…my sister saw me and tried to pull me but she couldn’t so she called my uncle (chacha) to show that something was wrong with me…he observed this for a while and then called the family priest from the temple.. the priest came and then kept his palm on my head and chanted some mantras…the moment he stopped chanting the mantras I fell on the ground with my eyes uncle picked me up and put me in the car and drove me home along with my elder sister was so petrified that she had a 103 fever the next morning…I could hear everything I was saying and the people around me were saying, but couldn’t react because someone else was controlling me..after this incident whenever I go back to the village I don’t remember anything that happens there after we reach home!


  • It was probably 2002-03, I was 8 years old. I have gone to my friend’s house who lived 3 blocks away from my house. He lived along with his parents and a sister. His father was a lawyer. It was evening time, 6 or 7 pm maybe. I was sitting in my friend’s house on his bedroom and we were playing Trump Cards (It was a real craze back then). We got so much engrossed playing it that we even forget our surroundings. After an hour or so, we stopped playing. Suddenly we realized that the whole house is silent. We came out of his room and found nobody west there in his house. My friend got astonished by it as his family have never left him alone in his house whenever they went outside. We thought, maybe his parents were in the upper floor. So we went to the upper floor. There was a drawing cum a study room in that floor which was used by my friend’s father. The room was completely dark and in the corner the study table lamp was on and curtains were drawn. A silhouette of his father was visible, sitting in the study chair. My friend asked him whereabouts of his mom, and his father told him that she has gone nearby So we came down to the drawing room. But the sight we saw there shocked and scared us. His parents and sister were entering the house from the front door. They said that they had gone to the neighbors as someone has recently died there.


  • So I am a person who don’t believe in ghost or super natural power or anything. But I am damm sure this happened . So I was in class 6 and back then we used to sleep together…Achan (papa), Amma, akash (elder sibling) and me.akash was this dead sleeper type so was I. but that night was different.I woke to the cries of my Amma..she was crying madly and was asking for something.I saw achan was consoling her and asking her to be quiet and take long breath… so she stopped for some second and again repeated please call my father, I want to talk to him that’s when I realised she was asking for this the whole time .so I was like why can’t achan call Nana and ask him to talk to her all she needs is that…then I took the phone and called nani, my Nani picked the call and I put the phone in hand free mode and my Mom was again shouting to her to give the phone to nana, but Nani was like so calm and she with a plain voice said ‘arey his knee got injured and is inside the doctor’s cabin….but my Amma wasn’t ready to listen …I was also like “Amma he will call you back and then my achan asked me to fetch some water from the kitchen when I went he came with me and I asked him to tell nana to talk to her otherwise she won’t stop crying anytime now. And that’s when he said nana died half hour ago.and I asked him why he said this to her (which now seems a very illogical questions) but ya I asked him this, (my amma is a very senti person so we normally avoid sharing emotional stuff with her).son then he said, he didn’t she suddenly woke up and started crying and asking to call Nana, he called him and that’s when Nani told him he passed away just few minutes ago.and the scariest part of this is our whole neighborhood was half awake with her crying sound but akash was still sleeping peacefully….


  • So it happened a long time ago I was in school and in our locality we had a very famous math tutor so we went to him for your tuition. It was about the time of winter and as he had so many batches so he started his classes from 5:30am. Usually it was too early so I used to wake up for tuition and other family members didn’t Me and my friend used to meet at morgue (We used to live near a hospital and people complaint about that morgue being there as that was a common path but nothing helped) One day i suddenly woke up and it thought i was late and went for tuition and met my friend at the usual spot and we silently walked we both were in hoodies and it was pretty dark and as soon as we reached our tutor’s home he stopped I asked him to come with me but he refused and said he gotta go. I found that strange but I thought never mind and i rang the bell and our tutor came out and said why are you up so early it’s 3:30am go home and come back on time let everybody sleep. I went home and called my friend and laughed with him that how we both got up early today and without looking at the time we went but he said what are you saying I’ve been sleeping and he never appeared. First i thought he’s joking but he wasn’t. I still don’t who was that man that walked with me. I couldn’t sleep for days and told my parents about this then they called panditji and did pooja but that incident still haunts me today.


  • Okay so this one is sweet horror story!Just to give you brief background I am very sensitive to energies around and been practicing reiki and angel therapy for past few years. So last year in Aug/Sep I was sleeping and around 3:30am hear a loud noise of someone calling me near my room’s window (I live on 2nd floor). The voice was strong as kind as if trying to wake me up. It was bizzare and I froze and started chanting and calling angels. This continued for few days/weeks and I contacted a medium (auto-writing expert) through a friend. She told me some family member (female) who died recently is trying to contact you. The only person who died recently was my chachi in 2011 leaving behind 2 young kids and I couldn’t attend her funeral due to exams and after her death my dad and my chacha were not on talking terms and hence we were not in touch with my young cousins. I immediately thought of my sister and what if Chachi’s soul is trying to connect me to her daughter. I mentally spoke to her and asked her if this is the case help me find her (I have been searching for my sis for years on FB and Insta) I tracked her down in half n hr on Insta even though she has changed her name! I contacted her and got to know she is in Mumbai too. Met her, shared our stories. She was depressed and feeling lost after her mothers death but now she is in much better place and knows that she has a big sister to look after her. And yes that sound stopped immediately after I met my sis. I feel we are constantly surrounded by angels and guardian angels who are trying to help us and if we live consciously we might hear them through books, songs, quotes, friends etc.


Kyun dar gaye na ? 

The stories sure gave us the goosebumps and will keep us up tonight. If you also have experienced any thing of this sort ever in your life, send in your stories at .