We asked people to share their REAL LIFE paranormal experiences and here are some of the spine-chilling stories that won’t let you sleep alone tonight.

Agar fat ti hai to please mat padhna, these are really very scary.


  • So this happened last year, I sleep in my own room and I have this habit of checking if my door is closed or not always, not locked. This one night as usual I closed my door and went to sleep, I dreamed that somebody opened my door and came in, stood next to my head and was running their hand through my hair and then started to choke me, to which I actually felt like choking and I tried to wake up but I couldn’t for a while, and when I woke up I was literally grasping for air as if somebody had choked me. The next thing I did was check my door, it was open. I just sat there in fear called my mom to immediately come to my room and asked her to stay by my side.

By : Aaditya


  • 8 years my grandfather committed suicide. He had his separate room back at my village. We all kids were playing (I was 10 y/o) hide and seek. I decided to hide in grandpa’s room. I was shocked when I opened his room door. His body was hanging in the mid air tied to a rope to the roof. That scene got stuck in my head. I was experiencing terrible nightmares of that incident for a whole year. Every night I saw the same scene in the nightmare. As time passed by I totally forgot about that incident. But 2 years ago a very strange thing happened. I got the same nightmare again but it was different this time. This time I was in grandpa’s room for a long time. It didn’t feel much of a dream. It felt more like real life. I was able to touch things and feel them. I heard someone coming to the room so I decided to hide. I held myself under the bed. The door opened and grandpa walked in with a rope. He tied the rope to the roof and sat on the chair for a while. Till this time I knew that this isn’t a normal dream. He started talking to himself and then he started crying. He then got up and climbed the chair and tied the free end of the rope around his neck. I heard more noises from outside. It were the voices of me and my cousins playing hide and seek back then. I rushed from under the bed to save him but it was too late. I was so terrified to see the Incident again but this time from other point of view. I knew that I was just dreaming. I knew there was nothing I could do. So I tried hard to wake myself up. And finally when my eyes opened; for a split second I saw a body hanging to my ceiling fan. This was the horrible experience in my life. But till today I think that I had a chance to save him but I didn’t. (Pardon my English)

By: Suyash Sankpal


  • When I was around 12, I was on my way back from school, I saw a garden filled with rose plants (I was crazy about roses). I proceeded to pluck a rose, there was an old and broken house near the garden and it looked empty. I saw a man standing with on the top of the house and I precisely remember that he had a skull and a bone in his hand, he looked at me and proceeded to chant his mantras, he was probably doing some black magic shit. Somehow I froze for a few seconds, I still think to this day, why I couldn’t move. After few seconds luckily my Hindi teacher was crossing that same path she saw me staring on the terrace of the old broken house she asked me what was I doing in the middle of the road and I didn’t answer her than she held my hand and took me with her, I asked her if she saw a man standing with skull and bone in his hand, she completely denied and asked me not to take that road as it’s not safe. After few days, a temple on that road was shut down with a government notice. I read in the newspaper that the pandit of that temple was practicing human sacrifice specifically children and some children did disappeared. I am still very grateful to my Hindi teacher (Mrs Rashmi Sharma) for saving my life.It’s really very disturbing experience.

    By: Pallavi

  • I was in VIDISHA (MP) at my uncle’s(chacha ji) house. I was leaving for my village from there. So, my uncle gave me his bike and told me to take his son(cousin) along with me. He was like 7 or 8 yo at that time and he knew the whole path to the village. So, I didn’t have to worry about the path. I took that bike and left my uncle’s house. I was driving on the highway and that was a newly constructed road. I had a luggage bag tied on one side of the bike. I was driving and I saw some metal railing on both sides of the road. I crossed then and I don’t know what happened, I kind of lost my consciousness at that point and all I know is I was staring at my bag for no reason. I kept on staring for a few minutes and all of the sudden it felt like I woke up from that unconscious state and next thing I saw was that I am on the edge of the road. That road was like a bridge, it was at a very high level and believe me if I didn’t have gained my consciousness for a few more seconds. I’d be dead right now along with my cousin. So I saw myself at the edge and I suddenly turned my bike toward the road and I stopped my bike there for a while. A truck driver came and was scolding me for what I was about to do. My cousin told me that the truck driver was honking from a very long time from behind (probably because he knew I was going wrong) and my cousin told me that I was fast but he didn’t know what I was doing so he didn’t say anything. I reached my village and told my grandparents about this. They were kind of angry about my driving. But that’s fine anyone would have thought like this. Then in the afternoon i called my favorite cousin Rahul (24yo) and i was telling him about this and all of the sudden he stopped talking while i was telling him all this. I asked him what happened and he told me that when I called him he was sleeping and was dreaming about my accident on a highway .he saw metal railings. Amazing stuff is that the moment he woke up due to the ringing phone is the moment I was about to face the accident in his dreams and guess what i certainly saved myself from an accident in his dreams by Just calling him. I think this part of my visit to the village is something I am never going to forget.

By: Ankit


  • Well To start with I’m 19, Indian and Live with my family of 5 members. My grandparents and parents live with me. Well to give a context about things, A man passed away in my neighborhood due to Covid… And It seems he got infected at his Workplace which was at ‘Dharavi’ which is the biggest slum in the world. Well yesterday night around 10 my parents went to the roof with some friends to chill. They even discussed this over there… They came back around 11:30 and everyone went to sleep in their respective rooms. My dad decided to sleep in balcony leaving my mom alone in their room… I usually don’t sleep early in lock down. I was playing Ps4 in the living room… And for some reason I constantly felt someone’s watching me from behind even looked behind a couple times thinking its my mom… But every time there was no one in the room. It just felt weird cause this has never happened before… That’s been my spot for sitting since many years. Later I just felt it was nothing and I continued playing… Around 2 Am, My mom came to the living room And she was sweating, She said she felt like someone choked her…And she couldn’t move.. And insisted upon my sleeping in their room for the night, I sat the entire night beside her watching web series. Next evening around 6 in complete daylight…My grandparents were on the roof. My mom was sleeping in their bedroom as she couldn’t sleep the previous night. She woke up and started folding the blanket & she saw something written on her palm धारावी  It was clearly written on her palm.. With some black thing… Not by pen..But it was written backwards… Like a mirror image to the word… She freaked out… There was no way anyone could’ve done that… She came running and showed me…Even i freaked out… It didn’t come into my head that I must click a picture… I asked her to wash it fast… And it got erased pretty easily tho…like it has been written by some black chalk… Also we don’t have anything similar to black chalk in my house. We waited for dad to come back… And we told him about all this.He told this to my grandma… And she did some kind traditional ritual which is performed when some negative entity has entered the house… Using some coconuts… And asked dad to throw that coconut on the street. What actually haunts me… Was there something actually behind me while I was playing. Damn I can’t even imagine. I hope that ritual has worked. I still don’t know.



  • So it happened around 10 years before, I was with my uncle and returning from Kalimpong to my hometown Sonada, Darjeeling. We were asked by the locals to avoid that ride and postpone it for the next morning, but uncle insisted that he had some important work for the next day. We shared our ride in a public vehicle, I think it was a Bolero or a Spacio. We were a total of 3 people in that car, me, my uncle and that driver. It was one dark and foggy winter night. It was around 9 pm, we were driving through Tukdah forest and had just passed a tea garden. Just after a few turns, this local lady was asking us to stop the car. She needed a lift to Tukdah tea garden. As it was a public vehicle, the driver asked her to sit in the second row. Now, its been just 5 or 10 minutes, the vehicle stopped working. The driver gets out of the car to do some repairs and make it work. In the meantime, I asked the lady about the stories related to the Teesta river, about rafting and all. She shared some of her stories, but she was not looking well. She looked impatient. My uncle asked her whether she needs water, then she said she is being late and had to reach her home asap. Then she got out of the car and said to the driver that she stays nearby and she will reach home by walking. She went away and just got lost in the fog. Just as she went, the car was working again. It took merely 5 minutes. Now when we reached near her she waved her hand saying she will walk her home. Just as our cab crossed her, turned back and found no one there. Just an empty road and forest. By the next two hours, we reached home and didn’t share anything with father or grandfather. For the next three days, I had a 103′ fever. No medicine was working on me. My uncle got a bit worried and shared the entire story with father. In the meantime, my father had called the local priest. My grandfather and priest said that the road was haunted. It is not preferred to travel by that route after 6pm. He did read some mantras and asked me to take rest. I was normal on the very next day. Now I don’t remember the face of the lady, nor the reason why we were in Kalimpong for. But that road is going to haunt me for sure.

By: Himanshu Daga


  • It’s about 5-6years old. There was a bhaiya in my neighborhood and he was diagnosed with cancer and he was in his last stage. So his family involved themselves in so much of kala jadu and all . One day they gave us a katori of halwa and told us this is prashad of some puja. My brother ate the halwa and while eating he finds a ball(hair ) in it. He removed the baal and completed his halwa. After just eating the halwa he just went to sleep suddenly. At night we called him and he didn’t answer so my father went to his room and found that he was having a very high fever. So my father told him to sleep with the parents. My parents, my brother and me all of us went to their room. We gave him medicines and all and I was putting thande paani ki patti on his face to calm down the fever. All of us slept. Suddenly at night my brother woke up and he started going out. At that time my mother also wakes up and ask him where he is going , he started crying and asked my mother for help, his words were” mummy mujhe bacha lo, wo log mere ko lene aa rhe hai ,please mujhe bachao lo”. My mother called my father and both of them held my brother and he was crying. Then my father called a pandit at night and he does some sort of pooja and all. Then my brother went to sleep. That was such a horrible moment for me. I was so scared. In the morning, the pandit told us that someone had done a totka on my brother. Well after all this, bhaiya died because of cancer and I do miss him.



  • So it was November 2016. We were on our school trip to Manali. When we reached the hotel, everyone got their rooms and in the end, I and my four friends were given a room at the end of the floor. The room no. was 440. It was a beautiful duplex room. We were to stay 3 nights and 4 days. So the first night, we slept peacefully. The next day, during the day, we started noticing that the stairs of the room kept making noises. Since they were wooden stairs, they would make very clear noises when someone would walk on them. All day, we would hear noises suggesting that someone was walking over them. We thought it might be something related to the adjacent rooms and ignored it. The second night went by peacefully. On the third day, we went to Rohtang and I broke my foot there. When we came back, I was sitting in the room and 3 of my friends went to eat. One of my friends was upstairs, sleeping. I heard some noise from upstairs and asked her if she was awake. I didn’t get any answer. A few minutes later, I heard someone walking upstairs and asked her again. She answered and came downstairs. After a while, it came up in conversation and I asked her why she went to the window. She said she didn’t. She said that she woke up and came down from the stairs. The area I heard walking noises from didn’t come in between the bed and the stairs, upstairs. This was the first incident that scared us. Then, one of my friends came up from dinner early to the room. The whole floor was empty. She still heard the walking noises from the stairs. On the last night, we ended up sharing stuff and realized that something or the other had happened with all of us individually. One of my friends had heard noises from the bathroom. While talking, we realized that the walking noises of the stairs were getting a little louder and more frequent. It was around 2-AM. We decided to go out and sleep in the corridor. But, within a few seconds we got so scared that we didn’t have the heart to get up. We were chanting hanuman chalisa and what not. After a lot of struggle, we ended up calling our teachers who helped us adjust into other rooms. The next morning, we kept the door open while we packed and left. We still don’t know if it was just in our head or was there really something. While coming back, one of our friends told us that when she went to take the key for the room on the first day from the reception, they were a little skeptical and kept asking if it really the room allotted to us. She didn’t tell us earlier because we were already scared. My friends and I are planning to go there once again in a few years and enquire about the incident deeply.

By: Swati Sabharwal


Mom’s are the one who stay with you, hold your back forever! 

This is something that happened with my Mom almost 17 years back!

So, my mom and dad went to the village for Summer holidays, I was 2 years old back then. Everything was going fine, the usual giggle, lit atmosphere, family departed to sleep. As it’s a village, my dad and Mom went to sleep on the terrace to get some ventilation. As midnight struck, my mom felt some mysterious activity happening around her. She sleeps like a dog by the way, even if you breathe around her, she wakes up! So, she opened her eyes but nothing was there. Again back to sleep, she felt something dragging her, holding her hand and literally taking her with her, she felt suffocated, breathing heavily. At first she felt she was dreaming, then with the strike of a lightening opened her eyes, there was a woman! A woman draped in red saree, looking like a newlywed, her face was brighter than a halogen tube-light! Making her pupils constrict. That woman was dragging her, she dragged her till the floor. My mom starred wailing, crying for help. The entire house woke up by her wailing! Everyone assembled, she explained what happened, no one believed, thought it was just a nightmare! The next day they got the news that my granny (mom’s mother) passed away last night! Everyone was in deep trauma for a long time. Still when my mom explains that incident, it gives me chills!



Well if you have read all of these bizarre stories till the end then we can only advice you to check under your bed and in the closet before going to sleep tonight.

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