Here’s something that will definitely cure your slow Monday. In today’s WTF news, a Pakistani news journalist covered his own wedding live on friggin’ national TV as a breaking news.

Hanan Bukhari, a Pakistani journalist who works for City41 news channel took his passion for job to new heights when he live interviewed his newly wedded wife and asked how she felt marrying him.

“My family members and I are very happy today. Since, it’s a love marriage, my wife and her family members are happy too. My parents present here have gone to lengths and made arrangements to make this day come true,” he said as he interviewed his father, mother and newly wedded wife.

He then went to interview his mother-in-law.

Or watch the entire thing on Youtube:

The video is going viral on the internet today, and here’s what people thought about this excellent journalism in Pakistan.






Or perhaps this was just a well planned ninja technique to save money on wedding videographers. Well played, bro. Well played!