If you are looking for a new set of movies & shows to watch on YouTube or Netflix, we got you! Here is a list of some movies and TV shows from the other side of the border that you can watch and would definitely love.

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Laal Kabootar (available on YouTube)

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A desi noir thriller set in the chaos of a big city, and also Pakistan’s official entry for Oscars 20. This movie is about how different lives of the city get entwined after the murder of a famous journalist and his wife’s struggles to get justice with the Help of a taxi driver. Its gritty story will grip you from the very first scenes to the last. With an amazing soundtrack which unifies folk music with techno punk, crisp dialogues and brilliant cinematography – this one’s a must watch!!!


Cake (available on Netflix)

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Remember Kapoor & Sons’? This movie is the sisters’ version of it but with a dark, mysterious aspect to the family. Its all about fights with your siblings, parents’ dramas and understanding that family will always be family. Pakistan’s official entry the Oscars 19, this film with its gorgeous visuals, brilliant music & beautiful depiction of emotions by the actors-as the reunited family bonds & quarrels- will leave your hearts warm. Must watch.


Ho Mann Jahan (available on Netflix)

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A coming-of-age film about three best friends from college, belonging to different backgrounds & trying to make it big in the music industry. Its a story of how life after college is the real test, when one has to stand on their own two feet and it can only be done when you have the right people around. With some great, foot-tapping music & a beautiful storyline, the movie will charm you and make you go & hug you best friend for always being there 🙂 Mahira Khan & Fawad are in it. Js.


Teefa in Trouble (On Netflix & YouTube)

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How much do we all miss Ali Zafar and his s charming self in movies?! Have no worries, this movie is the complete package- its got action, drama, romance and brilliant songs sung by Ali Zafar <3 Its about a thug who is made to abduct a girl for his gangster boss’s son but how he ends up falling in love with her.


Punjab Nahi Jaaungi (available on Netflix)

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This movie is set in rural Punjab, where a son-of-the-soil kinda boy falls in love with a city girl, & endless laughter ensues as he tries to woo her. A comedy of errors with a great ensemble cast, some really catchy songs and ROFL-worthy dialogues. It also dawns light upon the inequalities between social classes and how even after marriage, a couple from different backgrounds find it difficult to stay together despite the love being there. Watch this romcom!


Bin Roye (Available on YouTube)

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This one is a heart-wrenching tale of unrequited love w Mahira Khan breathing life into this movie with her charisma & acting. Its a full-blown love tragedy movie which will make you weep, cry and sing its heartfelt songs.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai (On Netflix)

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you haven’t watched this show then trust me you are missing out on brilliance!! A story of two poles apart people, with different perspectives of life and how they finally fall in love after facing many obstacles. This show with its beautiful storyline, heartwarming scenes and amazing acting will win you over in no time.


Cheekh (available on YouTube)

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A heartbreakingly amazing show about a woman’s struggle to fight against the injustice caused by the men around her. Saba Qamar, a.k.a. Mithu from the Bollywood movie Hindi Medium, plays the role of a stellar woman who is ready to take up any challenge for justice. This show’s engaging storyline, gritty performances and horrifying secrets will leave you floored.


Humsafar (available on Netflix)

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FAWAD & MAHIRA. Kaafi zyada melodrama. A heartbreaking, yet beautiful story to make you cry. Aur kya reasons chahiye ye TV series dekhne ke liye?


Might take a break from my usual binge watching shows and give these a try, definitely something new.

Happy binging 🙂