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People Share Jokes About Bangalore Traffic Jams While Stuck In Bangalore Traffic Jam

Doesn't matter what city we live in India, we're no strangers to traffic jams. But when Augustus Waters once said, "some traffic jams are...

People Are Sharing The Most Middle Class Things They Do On A Daily Basis

If you also grew up in a typical middle class family in India, you'd know that we have our own different level of daily...

Indians Are Sharing The Dumbest Things They Believed As Children

From Undertaker's seven lives to "bas 12th karlo beta uske baad toh aish hi aish hai," our childhood was full of lies and innocence....

9 Biggest Lies We Are Told Before Going To College

For a generation who grew up watching movies like Mai Hoon Na, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Student Of The Year, Fukrey, Dil Dosti...