Opening day collections are really important for Hollywood movies in India because it shows how hyped people are for a particular movie. Word of mouth helps mostly with Bollywood movies, but not Hollywood flicks because their audience is limited. After a few weeks those movies are available only in selected theaters, so collections drop significantly regardless of the word-of-mouth.

Avangers Infinity War Memes

After such a massive opening day collection for Avengers Infinity War by Indian audience, it’s been proved that Indians will turn up in cinema if the movie is worth it, regardless if it’s Bollywood or Hollywood. The best part about it is that it will encourage big production houses to target Indian audience more to increase international collection.

Let’s have a look at other top 17 highest opening day collection of Hollywood movies in India.

1. Avengers – Infinity War: 31 crore aprox

Avangers Infinity War Memes

2. The Fate of The Furious: 14 crore

3. Furious 7: 12 crore

highest opening day collection  of hollywood movies India

4. Captain America Civil War: 12 crore

5. Avatar: 11 crore

6. Avengers: Age of Ultron: 11 crore

7. The Jungle Book: 10 crore

highest opening day collection  of hollywood movies India

8. Spiderman – Homecoming: 10 crore

9. Thor Ragnarok: 10 crore

10. Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation: 10 crore

11. Mission Impossible – Fallout: 9.5 crore

11. Jurassic World: 9.25 crore

highest opening day collection  of hollywood movies India

12. Batman v Superman: 8 crore

13. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 7.5 crore

14. Antman and the Wasp: 7.25 crore

15. Spiderman 3: 7 crore

16. The Amazing Spiderman: 7 crore

17. Black Panther: 6 crore

Black panther hilarious reactions

18. Justice League: 5.5 crore

19. Conjuring 2: 5.25 crore

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The list keeps changing with new Hollywood releases. We try to update it as often as possible.